Friday, June 24, 2011

June Yard Sale(s)

We had a 3 day Estate/Moving/Yard Sale June 17th-19th at my Mom's.  It was my Mom's last weekend in her house, so she had a LOT of stuff to get rid of.  And we had a LOT of stuff that was donated from friends and family.

The room of clothes. Eventually sorted by size.
Daisey found a nice spot in the box of Beanie Babies.
The toy section.
The kitchen tent.
Lots of stuff.
Because of the multiple days and the sheer amount of stuff that we had to offer and the crazy amount of advertising, I had pretty high hopes and expectations of this sale.  
I shouldn't have.  For probably multiple reasons, we really didn't have a large turnout.  We didn't sell much of our stuff at all.  I was pretty disappointed.  
Instead of moving all of the sale stuff to storage or to a new location, the Kidney Foundation came with their trucks and picked up everything on Monday.  There was a LOT of stuff, and the guy who was loading the truck actually passed out from heat exhaustion while loading it up. 
At night, we covered everything up.
All in all, we made about $600 towards the adoption.  That included about $65 of special donations.  My Mom made about $700 and my sisters also made a little from selling some of their furniture.  
It was very productive in that we got rid of A LOT of stuff. 

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