Saturday, June 11, 2011

May Yard Sale

I just realized I hadn't updated here about our first yard sale. It was May 14th, and it was a BUSY couple of days before that picking up lots of items from friends and family. The day before the yard sale, I ended up having to take off work because we had so many pickups to do! (Definitely not disappointed about that, by the way.) We even had to borrow a friend's truck and trailer to be able to haul everything.

What it looked like when I went outside at 5:30 am.

We set a lot of things out the night before, and I spent the night at my Mom's house. It rained a little bit overnight, but we had everything covered up pretty well. And thankfully it really only rained a little. 

What it looked like around 9:30.
Folks started coming just after sunrise, and since it was just my Mom and I actually working the sale, we didn't even get everything out until almost noon. It was a BUSY day.

Had lots of funny conversations with people and got lots of parenting advice. 1) When your kids are teenagers, always keep $1 and $5 bills handy so when you loan them money, it's not a $20. 2) Don't have more than 1 because you would never be able to give them everything they deserve. 3) Don't stay home because they will drive you insane. 4) Keep every item of clothing you ever buy and use it for the next kids.
What it looked like in the "kid" department.

You can probably tell just from the above 'advice' that it was a very fun day of conversations. I really enjoyed being able to share with people our heart for adoption. Of course, a lot of people ended up sharing stories of other adoptions they knew about.
Side note:  I actually bought this black desk at a yard sale in our neighborhood for $10 when I was 10.  Used it until I went to college.  Always intended to repaint and restore it because I just loved it so much.  But it was time to let it go.  (And it sold for $25, so I even made money on it!)

Total raised for our adoption that day was right around $850. My Mom also sold a lot of her furniture, had a house showing and even got an offer on her house that day (which has turned into a contract, by the way.) So it was a very fruitful day for her as well! :)

We have our next yard sale June 17th & 18th and will have extended hours. It will be the last yard sale at my Mom's Mt. Pleasant house, so we hope to get rid of A LOT of stuff. Help us spread the work if you're in the Charleston area!

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