Thursday, July 7, 2011

Bridal Brunch Memories

4 years ago today was one of the funnest days of my life.  It started off with the Bridal Brunch that was thrown by all of my aunts... thank you Aunt Ann, Aunt Betsy, Aunt Karen and Aunt Kim!
Laura, Valerie, Lauryn, SaraBeth, Julianne, Jeannene
I loved the Bridal Brunch because it officially meant the start of the Tyndall/Flagler Wedding Extravaganza, but it also was a sweet time for me to honor a lot of special women in my life.  I have truly been blessed to have so many close friends, and the Bridal Brunch was a wonderful time to be able to share with so many women exactly what they meant to me. 
Lisa, Emily, Gail, Aunt Karen, Megan, (back of Debbie's head)
 The location was perfect: the Old Village Post House in Mt. Pleasant.
We had the upstairs room which felt just right for our group. 
Gifts for my bridesmaids were very fun: necklaces and earrings made by myself and my mom's friend Mrs. Judy. 
My friend Kristin helped me pick out the beads and make the prototypes. 
They also got nice flip flops and some body lotions and scents from Victoria's Secret.

After the brunch, most of us went to a nail salon for manicures and pedicures.  I love being pampered, so that was a really nice treat after the brunch, especially since I got to go with so many women I love! 

Valerie, Laura, Ginger, Stephani, Debbie, Emily, Megan, and Lisa: thank you again so much for being such a huge part of our wedding.  It still means so much that you would stand with us and support us on that day and in our marriage ever since.  Some of you I am much closer to now than I was then; others have drifted further away.  But you are and will always be so special to me! 

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  1. love you, tricia. thanks for letting me be a part of your spectacular day!! i thought about it on the 4th that your anniversary was coming up in 3 days but then on the actual day it just slipped by and I never said happy anniversary :(. I'm afraid I'm one of those friends that has drifted further away and I hate that. I still love you though and am thankful to call you a friend!!