Sunday, September 11, 2011

Happy Birthday, Ginger!

Happy 30th Birthday!
Words can truly not describe how much Ginger Henry means to me.  We met in June of 2002 and shared a couch bed for 5 weeks and then graduated up to sharing a king bed for 5 weeks on a Summer Project with Cru.  I don't think either of us knew at that point how much our friendship would mean. 

There have been adventures: road-tripping to Colorado, road-trips between WV&SC, Bahamas, Tanzania, London, Disney, para sailing, and mountain-hiking.  

There have been inside jokes: Boobmonster, Puddles, SIR, pirates

There have been practical jokes played, crafts made, games played, and walks taken.  

There have been boyfriends, fiances, broken hearts and weddings.  

There have been LOTS of goodbyes and moving to & from Charleston, SC especially. 

There have been encouraging talks, challenging talks, awkward talks, and silly talks.  

We have joked for years that if one of us had been a boy, I would not be married to Matt Flagler.  She is THAT special of a friend.  

The last 4 years have been harder being apart way more than we are together... and not having as many adventures to strengthen our bond.  But God has truly given us a special friendship, and we know it is one that will always bring us closer to Him.  

If you don't have the pleasure of knowing Ginger, then I hope you will get to at least meet her someday.  Even just a few minutes around this girl will allow you to see the treasure that she is.  If you want to get a better idea of the lives she has impacted and continues to impact, you can visit her blog or the special blog that I created for her birthday.  This is one LOVED lady.  

Honestly, GR, thank you for being YOU.  You are being celebrated today all around the world!  

Love you and miss you so much, 

P.S.  If anyone else would like to add to her birthday blog, please let me know!

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