Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Random Photo, Take 76

Pic 75 was Laura & Valerie at my Bachelorette Party, outside of Kaminsky's downtown.  Can't believe that was 4.5 years ago... my beautiful sisters look the same (pretty much)!

Here's 76. 

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Valerie & Zebediah

This past Friday, I finally got the phone call I had been waiting on for quite awhile... Valerie & Zeb are engaged!  

We're very happy for them and know God will be glorified in their life together.  

We like Zeb for Valerie because:
1) He loves Jesus.
2) He loves Valerie.
3) He is confident in who he is. 
4) He's a good guy. 
We look forward to getting to know him even more now that he'll be officially part of the family!

Congratulations & Best Wishes!

Random Photo, Take 75

Pic 74 was Christmas Eve 2004 with Laura and Grandma Jones.  I miss her! 

Here's 75: