Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Still Thankful

I didn't do a Thanksgiving post last week, AND my Thankful Thursday theme has gotten slack... BUT I'm still thankful.  Exceptionally thankful.  

Here are a few things I'm thankful for: 
  • That God is Faithful, Abundant and True.  (And for the study I've been doing with a couple of ladies from church by that name.) 
  • My husband--who has been surprising me with a written love note every single day this month. (Stud!)
  • My job.  I started a new job in July, and it's definitely much more "me".  It's project-oriented, let's me be creative as well as administrative!  It is also meaningful--and the best part is that it's normal hours! Even better, starting in January, it will be full-time with benefits!  I'm extra thankful for the latest news. 
  • Hailey.  She is 7 months now and is SO much fun.  I wish I could see her more, but I'm thankful for each time I do get to see her. 
  • Other babies & kiddos in my life.  Thankful for my friends & family who let me snuggle their babes and take care of them every once in awhile. 
  • Family & friends who have been encouraging us through the process of adoption--especially those who have helped with yard sales and/or given donations. 
  • Nala.  Honestly, I love this dog so much!  
  • Our finances.  We've seen a lot of progress lately in our financial management, and this has been HUGE in helping with my frame of mind. Prayerfully, next time we touch base with the adoption social worker, we'll be approved thanks to these changes!
Well, that's all I got for now, but I'm hoping to do a better job with "Thankful Thursdays".  It's good for my heart to be "publicly" thankful.  AND by the way, I love reading thankful posts from other friends. :)

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