Sunday, January 22, 2012

Adoption Yard Sale, Round 3

Somehow I have neglected to post about our 3rd round of Adoption Yard Sales, which we had last October!  Mark and Lauren hosted this one at their house, and we had lots of donations from friends and family. 
Setting up the night before... with help from our Community Group.
Some of the "Kids" department...
Some of the clothes department.
Part of the spread on the Yard Sale day.  Gorgeous weather!
Some of our shoppers.
Two special buddies for the day.  Big Sis Allie and Chandler who was 3.5 weeks old.
(Why are my pictures sideways?)  Thankful for a good friend to put on a yard sale with!
Apparently Chandler and I were going for the high price of $10 each. Courtesy of Allie.
Matt and Mark were there too, but Matt is admittedly not a morning person.  Don't know why I don't have pics of them though.  A huge bonus for this sale was that someone came late in the afternoon and bought the majority of the stuff we had leftover.  

Between sales and donations, we made about $425 that day towards bringing Baby Flagler home.  Thankful for everyone who donated stuff or money or helped out!   

See how loved you are, Baby Flagler? :) 

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