Tuesday, January 10, 2012


I’ve seen this posted a bunch over the last couple of months.  Trying to kill some time before the championship game, so here goes... (I took mine from Kristin.)

Right now I am…
watching:  Nothing but will soon be watching the aforementioned game.
eating:  Just finished a plate of nachos.  My go-to home-alone meal.
drinking:  Crystal Light Lemonade.
wearing: new pjs my mom got me for my birthday (thanks, mom!).
avoiding:  trying to figure out how to fix our vacuum/Cares expenses/bills.
feeling:  overwhelmed yet thankful.
missing:  good friends.
thankful:  for God orchestrating my job to become full-time with benefits.
weather:  up and down but nice today. had the sunroof open in the car and windows open in the apartment.
praying:  about how God is going to grow our family, about loving our neighbors
needing:  A maid and time in the Word. (I'll copy Kristin on this one!)
thinking:  about Valerie & Zebediah's upcoming wedding.  lots of details to still work out.
loving:  My new Kindle, Matt's new car, Nala, and being a Cares team (most days). 

You?  What are you up to?

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