Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Jewelry Party Fundraiser

A friend at my new job offered to do a Premier Designs Jewelry Party to benefit our adoption.  We invited lots of friends and family and even opened it up to our friends through Cares at our apartment complex.  I was thrilled and touched by all those who came--it was a neat mix of family, church friends, work friends, and neighbor friends.  I honestly get kind of emotional when I think about how God uses people from all areas of our lives to help us through this journey of adoption.  

One of the girls who came (who we had met through Cares events) shared that she was adopted and wanted to support us however she can.  A sweet blessing.  :)  

I didn't take any pictures that day (don't know why), but it will be one that remains in my memory.  Thanks to everyone who came!  

Lindsay gave us ALL of her proceeds that day, which amounted to $275.  Thanks so much, Lindsay, for your generous support! 

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