Thursday, January 5, 2012

Matt's Christmas Present

The 1994 Taurus, May it Rest in Peace.
Matt had a pretty special Christmas present this year.  (The back story) In November, he was rear-ended which resulted in no bumper and a slightly bent frame.  The insurance company gave us a check for about $750.  We held onto it for a couple weeks trying to decide what to do.  We weren't sure his car was worth investing that money in when it could go towards another car.  
Broken down in the middle of the highway. Not a fun place to spend 3+hours.

The week before Christmas, he blew a tire on the way to work.  The other rear tire had treads showing.  So we were looking at $400 in tires at the minimum since the front tires really needed to be replaced too.  Again, not sure we wanted to put so much money into this car.  (Remember, this car has no a/c, needed to be entered through the passenger door, front window wouldn't roll down, and considerable shuddering & jolting while driving.)  Once we got the car towed to the repair shop (after 3+ hours waiting for AAA on the highway!), the car also wouldn't start, and it was determined to be the transmission failing.  
We decided not to put any more money into fixing the Taurus.  We sold it for scrap metal and got more than we expected.  
Then, we decided to go car shopping.  And moped shopping.  We were leaning towards a moped because we could pay cash for one, and it would be less gas and no insurance.  But I just couldn't come to peace with it.  Matt had also looked at a couple of cars.  We got pre-approved for a car loan at a really good interest rate.  And we had a decent amount to put down. We really didn't want to have another car payment, but we couldn't really get comfortable with our other options.  

Just after signing the papers, 2 days before Christmas.
Somewhere along the way, I decided that I wanted to surprise Matt with a new car, his dream car (a VERY reasonable dream car, I might add) on Christmas morning.  I had to tell a few white lies and convince him that I was coming around to the moped idea.  I test drove the Nissan Cube and really liked it.  The insurance didn't increase too much because it's a very safe car.  And it has great gas mileage.  And it has a great warranty.  So, I decided that we would get Matt a Nissan Cube--as long as the dealer would meet my goals for price.  They did after 3 days of negotiating. 

It was a few days of sneaking around and getting the help of family to help me pull off the surprise.  In the end, I signed the papers on Friday night (December 23rd, the same day Laura closed on her house!) and parked the brand-new-with-the-plastic-still-on-it in his dad's garage.  

We went to Mark & Stephani's house on Christmas morning around 6am.  Dad drove the Cube over around 8 and had it parked around the side of their house.  Around 10 (before we were going to take a scheduled intermission from present-unwrapping), Matt unwrapped a gift which contained the key to his new car.  He was shocked when he went outside to see the Cube with a big red bow on it.  

It was such a fun thing to surprise him with!  And it feels wonderful to have him driving around in a safe, reliable car!  Merry Christmas, to Matt (and to me!)!

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