Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Birthday, Valerie!

I don't remember the day that Valerie was born, but it was definitely a day that changed my life--the day I became a big sister.  

Since that day, Valerie has become much more than a sister to me- she is a great friend!  There were many years when neither of us would have believed that was possible, but it is.  Through God's redemptive work in my life and in hers, we are able to love each other as sisters in Christ as well as real sisters.  

Whenever Valerie and I reflect on our childhood, we recount horror stories like the time(s) she chased me around the house with a hammer or knife.  We jokingly remember the ONE time that she and I ganged up on Laura together, which ended in utter disappointment.  We talk about the D~R~A~M~A of teenage years, which we could go on for hours about.  We lament about sharing a bathroom... We usually don't have any FOND memories of each other until college years.  

2007-one of my Maids of Honor
Until recently.  Not too long ago, I remembered how Valerie got me out of trouble one day.  She took the blame for something that was my fault.  She knew how badly I wanted to celebrate a friend's birthday on a trip to Columbia, so she took responsibility for something that mom had grounded me for.  She made it possible for me to celebrate my friend's birthday.  THAT picture of Valerie is most like the sister I have today.  Self-sacrificing.  Considerate.  Generous. 

I am so proud of my sister, Valerie.  She's getting married in a couple of weeks, and she is going to be an amazing wife. (Not to mention one of the most beautiful brides you've ever seen!) I have learned so much from her over the past few years, and I'm so thankful God has given her to me.  
2011 with her soon-to-be-husband.

As we celebrate your birthday today, Valerie, know how much you are loved!  As we celebrate your wedding in a couple of weeks, know how much you are valued!  As we get to live the rest of our lives together, know how thankful I am to be your big sister.  

Happy Birthday, Valerie!  
I love you!


  1. I love you sissy! Thank you for the shout out! This was awesome to read!

  2. What amazing young women the Lord has blessed me with. Happy Birthday, Valerie! My Love Child! <3 (that is supposed to be a heart)
    Love you tons! Momma