Saturday, March 31, 2012

Gold Party Was a Success!

Our jeweler paid out $5,540 tonight. 
Which means we got about $840 in "commission".
We sold our own stuff and made $900. 
And we had $375 of people's profits donated to us tonight.
This week, we had $320 in donations. (Counting this toward Gold Party
because this is how they heard we were fundraising).  
That's $2,435!!!

And it was so easy!  

We gathered up some jewelry. 

We put together some food.

We invited our friends & family, and they brought stuff to sell!

The jeweler figured out what stuff was worth & made us offers.

Lots of people walked away with a lot of cash!

 We WILL be doing another Gold Party. 
So be looking for some Gold/Sterling Silver/Platinum that you have around the house. 
More details to come.

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