Tuesday, March 27, 2012


So... what questions do you have for where we are these days? 

Most of my intention for this blog is to keep in touch with family & friends, but it's also going to serve as a memory-keeper for me.  It's a good place for me to record things in our lives. 

Keeping the two things in mind, what would be good ideas to blog about?  

Thanks for your feedback!


  1. Tricia - so a friend of mine has been blogging about the dailiness of life. It has challenged me and I will do it - I need to finish up birthdays and then maybe I'll start to post at least 1 on what our life looks like on any given day. My friend doesn't want to just remember what the highlights and celebrations are in their lives (she has 4 kids our kids age) but all the routine and normalness that goes on. I've been taking pictures here and there of our dailiness...gets getting off the school bus, etc. But I would LOVE to see what your and Matt's daily lives are on a given day :) Love you my friend!!!

    1. I really do like that idea! Can you show me to that blog so I can get an idea of how she does it?