Thursday, April 12, 2012

Credit Card DEBT FREE!

We cut up our credit cards in 2009, after we used them to buy our plane tickets to Thailand.  BUT, there was still a hefty combined balance at that point... 

A combined balance that equaled more than the cost of a car... more than a year at each of our private colleges... more than one of us made in a year.  A HEFTY combined balance.  

First, we paid off our personal loan (also taken out for us to move to Thailand.) 
Second, we paid off our smaller credit card. 
And last week, we paid off our largest, LAST credit card!!! 

We are officially credit-card-debt-free! 

We did it in our own way.  Not exactly Dave Ramsey style.  But we did learn some things from his class, that we halfway took in 2009. (Remember?)  

These are some specific things we did to knock out our credit card debt. (And you can too!)
  • Spent less money than we made.  Not too easy at first.  Took some getting used to. (Shocker!)
  • Both got second jobs. (This was hard for awhile, not gonna lie.) 
  • Got together an emergency fund.
  • Cut WAY back on eating out. (We both LOVE eating out and still do occasionally but not near what we used to. We also went through a few slumps in this area but with Matt's leadership, got better.) 
  • Became a Cares team. 
  • Cancelled our Cable. 
  • Cancelled our Internet. (Thankfully, we can get the apartment's free wi-fi!)
  • Sold our body for medical research. (Well, Matt did.) 
  • Put "extra" money (like school loan 'refunds', bonuses, babysitting money, gifts) toward debt. 
  • Refinanced car loan for much lower interest than our credit card interest.  Put the 'extra' toward credit card.  
Even with the new car and student loans for Matt's grad school, our net worth has increased due to us getting the credit cards paid off.  The next step will be the cars (mine first, then Matt's), then Matt's student loans.  

Bottom line is: if we can do it, you can do it!  Talk to us if you have any questions.  We are both big advocates of not using credit cards anymore.  And so are both of my sisters!  Go Tyndall girls!


  1. Hallelujah!!!! Keep up the good work.

  2. Great Work Tricia! We don't have them either. Steven hasn't had one in years and then when I married him I got rid of mine. We haven't missed it yet. :) Keep it up.

  3. SO PROUD OF YOU!!!! This is huge!!! Well done!