Saturday, April 14, 2012

Final Home Study Approval!

This has been the longest week EVER!  All things considered, I'm amazed that we stayed sane this week.  

Matt just worked 8 days straight.  We had a huge Cares event last weekend, and 2 out of the 4 of the people in my office have been out at least 2 days this week.  

Aside from that, we've been expecting/hoping for our Final Home Study approval all week.  I checked my email like 4 times more than normal (which is already a lot, if I'm being honest!).  

March 1st we got news that we were moving forward with our home study.  I didn't realize that it was so involved to finish everything off.  We had to redo a bunch of paperwork.  Then, when everything was done and sent from one office to the state office, it got lost in the mail.  A lot of originals that HAVE to be in the file for the state were in that packet, so we had to get that stuff redone.  

Our last paper was mailed last Wednesday, but we knew the office was closed for Good Friday.  So, we thought it would be Monday.  

Didn't hear anything on Monday.  

Tuesday--emailed our Social Worker who said she was missing one reference. 

Wednesday--our Social Worker emailed us saying she had contacted the missing reference and asked her to resend the reference.  Checked with my friend, and she had mailed it on Tuesday (again).  

Thursday--I email the social worker to see if she's gotten the last reference. She did!  She has to have a final conversation with the state director and says it might be today.  If not today, then maybe Friday.  If not Friday, we'd have to wait a week because the state director goes on vacation.  

Friday--wait ALLLLLLLLLLLL day. Crazy busy at work but still hoping the day would be made perfect by getting our approval.  Text back and forth with Matt while he's on the road to Liberty for the weekend.  Leave work at 5 bummed that we didn't hear.  Talk with neighbors and tell them we were really hoping to hear today but didn't. 

Friday at 5:55 PM, check my email, and there it is: "you are approved".  

Praise the LORD for His perfect timing.    
Praise the Lord for our social worker and her knowing that it would have been hard to wait so much longer!!  

347 days of home-study is FAR from normal.  Even 6 weeks like it's been since March 1st is kinda long.  However, it was His plan for us.  

Praying it won't be too long of a wait until we meet our chosen child!!!  "Average" is 9 months, but we are hoping since our home-study was crazy long, God might give us grace in having our wait be shorter. 

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