Saturday, April 21, 2012

High-Hat Cupcake "Date"

This week, we had a fun at-home date night.  Matt found this picture on Pinterest, and he's been wanting to make these things for weeks:  

Well, we gave it a good try... and had fun in the process.  That's what's important, right? 

My first collage.  Thanks for the tip, Brooke. Look forward to playing with this more!
It was definitely a fun (and fairly inexpensive) date night.  We had one little oops with the almond extract (cough:::Matt), so they aren't really as tasty as I thought they would be. 

Our finished product.  *Disclaimer: Matt says this was the worst-looking one.
But Matt likes them and wants to try them again later.  My opinion is that we should leave the hi-hat cupcakes to Martha and Bakearella

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  1. High-hat Cupcake Date Night? What could be better than that!? You two are awesome.