Friday, May 4, 2012

Because Orphans Matter

Last night in our James Bible Study, my heart started beating a little faster when we read James 1:27...

Orphans matter.  Widows matter. And we can all play a part in these things.  

I have seen this woman's blog posted several times, but I've only skimmed it.  I knew if I read much of it, then I would feel like I needed to do something. I knew my heart would break for these children.

Last night in our James Bible Study video, Beth Moore shared a similar story.  Just because we are afraid we will get convicted, get hurt, or get burdened, doesn't mean we can be callous about something.  We can't turn away and pretend it's not there.  This woman's blog came to my mind when she shared that story.  And, of course, there was another post this morning from Holly on Facebook.

Please read this woman's blogPlease donate to bringing home Hasya Even if it's just a few dollars, it all adds up.  And join me in praying for the other children at this orphanage.

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