Monday, June 4, 2012

The Time we went to Brunch and Got a Great Dane

Last weekend, we had a WONDERFUL weekend at my Mom's house in North Carolina.  Relaxing, refreshing and fun with my family!  LOTS of laughing, some questionable dining experiences, and LOTS of doggy time on my Mom's back porch and in her lovely yard.  

It might have been the wonderful weekend and the exuberance of doggy-time which led to us making this life-changing decision.  

So, Matt has always wanted a Great Dane.  And we've always figured we would have one... One day.  

Well, last Sunday, we were having a lovely brunch at the Lake Lure Inn where we noticed they were having a street fair.  We were curious as to what it was.  Well, Mom introduced Matt to a guy she met at work who knows one of his college professors.  This man mentioned in conversation that he had just visited the Great Dane Rescue at the street fair.  Thank you, Random Man.  

Matthew came back to the brunch table practically leaping across the porch.  He was bubbly and excited!  Something that Matty usually is NOT in the mornings.  So, we walked over after brunch.  And we met Zoe.  

Sweet Zoe.  

She's 14 months, a great personality, with ice-blue eyes and a merlequin coat.  She's gorgeous.  And she's sweet.  And she's the newest member of our family. 

We have enjoyed getting to know her this past week and getting her orchestrated into our family. 

It makes me even more excited about bringing home baby soon.   For now, we will enjoy being a family of four.   You can see lots more pictures on our Facebook pages. 

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