Monday, June 11, 2012

What's Happening Now?

Somewhere, today, she just found out she was pregnant.  And this is not good news for her. 
Somewhere, right now, he just found out that he's fathered a child... and he wants nothing to do with it. 
Somewhere, this week, she has decided to get an abortion. It seems like an easier option right now. 

Somewhere, a pregnancy counselor is showing her that there are other options, and adoption is one. 
Somewhere, he has decided he can't be a proper father and will ask her to consider adoption.

There are so many of these scenarios playing out all over the country (and the world!).  Daily, we are praying for those in the situations above and any others that will lead people to make choices for adoption.  Unfortunately, not every girl is presented with adoption as an alternative to abortion, and many lives are lost.  


For those who choose adoption, there are many different paths they can choose.  They can choose a private agency, an attorney or even a state agency.  They don't even have to choose before the birth.  Some make the decision for adoption after they give birth.  They can choose to have some kind of relationship with the adoptive family or have none.  

Each situation is different, and each birth mother and birth father have different stories which have led them to this point.  It is SO important for us to remember that during this season.  We aren't just waiting for God to bring us our child.  We are waiting for Him to work His plan in the lives of ALL those who will be affected.  

There are two main ways that our agency places children with families.
1.  The expecting parent(s) will choose the adoptive family for their child.  This is usually done by looking on the Bethany website or at profile books (like ours) in one of their local offices.  The time varies.  Sometimes there are still months left in the pregnancy but sometimes only days.  The birth parent(s) and adoptive parents usually get to meet before the baby's arrival and form varying degrees of relationships with one another.  Sometimes the adoptive families get to be in the delivery room when the baby is born. 

2.  The expectant parent(s) will want the agency to choose.  In this case, the agency sends out an email to all of the Waiting Families that give basic information about the Expectant Mother, the Expectant Father (if known), medical info, due date, and gender (if known).  Waiting families are usually given a few days to respond, then the expectant parent(s) are asked to choose between those who responded.  If the expectant mother still does not want to choose, the agency will select the family who responded who has been waiting the longest.        

From this point forward, we will not be sharing too many details if we are in the process of being considered for a child.  We want to be respectful of the expecting parents that we are getting emails about, meeting with, or talking with.  We also want to honor the fact that when we get our child, he/she will have a special story of how they came to be with us.  We are not sure how much of that story we want 'everyone' to know.  

Please continue to ask us how things are going.  But please be understanding when we answer generally.  It just means that it's not the time to share what may be going on behind the scenes.  :)  As always, we thank you so much for the many ways you are walking with us through this journey.  And we covet your prayers as this journey continues...

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