Monday, June 25, 2012

You Might be a Cares Team If...

You bake in bulk.
You have about 30 signs like this in your car and/or hall closet.

You stock-pile (donated) drinks from one event to the next.

Again, baking in bulk.

And baking Green things in Bulk!

Your kitchen gets full of friends helping prepare food for 200 people.

You make fruit pretty.

Have I mentioned that we bake in bulk?

You give out Breakfast to your neighbors on their way out of the apartments.

You have a dedicated Cares Thirty-One utility tote (and often use a few more!).

your Halloween pumpkin looks like this.

You have LOTS of candy and LOTS of cookies for passing out treat bags at Halloween.

You cook in bulk.
And you actually use the Microplane Grater from Pampered Chef.

You stock-pile dog treats to pass out at pet events.

You have 300+ of these in your freezer to give out to neighbors at the pool.

You have LOTS of these signs in your hall closet.

You buy in bulk!
Just a few pictures to show what this "Cares" part of our lives is like.  We do 3 events every month for our neighbors at our apartments.  We also visit all the new move-ins and neighbors whose leases will expire in about 3 months.  We also have a Book Club, Walking Club, and Ladies Bible Study.  We definitely stay busy and enjoy getting to know our neighbors and building friendships with them. 

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