Tuesday, July 24, 2012

TV Show "I'm Having Their Baby"

Our adoption agency posted about a new tv show called "I'm Having Their Baby" which is a reality show that follows birth mothers through the adoption process.  The first episode even featured our agency and was very informative on how the process works.   I watched it yesterday and was overwhelmed by the emotions involved.  

If you have 40 minutes and are interested in this process, you can watch this show on hulu.  I think the show airs a new episode tonight on Oxygen.  (I'll have to wait for it to be on hulu.)  

Some of my thoughts:
1) I know they couldn't show EVERYTHING in such a short show, but I would love to know how these ladies got connected with Bethany to begin with.  

2) I love knowing that Claudia has an ongoing relationship with her son's adoptive family. 
3) It was very helpful to see Mary's response to the prospective adoptive parents being in the ultrasound.  I made some notes on how not to act if we're ever in that position (though I'm sure everyone is different).  
4) This made me appreciate our social worker SO MUCH MORE!  Not only does she have to deal with all of our questions, forms, and legal stuff, but she shows so much love to the birth mothers and walks with them through their decisions.  
5) Again, I know they can't show everything, but I'd love to see more of the faith-focus that Bethany has with the birth parent(s).  (Though I guess it doesn't necessarily fit into the show's purpose either.  It doesn't have Bethany every week and from previews looks like it even does same-sex household adoptions which is not something our agency does.
6) It was good to see the social worker support Mary in her decision and check in with her so often throughout the process to make sure she still thought adoption was the best choice for her.  When she changed her mind, she didn't push the issue.  This is not the kind of decision to be pressured into making.

Would love to know your thoughts!   

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