Friday, September 28, 2012

10 and Thankful Thursday

We have reached a new milestone in this adoption journey:  

Yesterday, we received our 10th email about an available child.  Honestly, the wave of excitement that comes when you get an email about a baby is indescribable.  Could THIS be our baby?  It's also a little heartbreaking.  It's a reminder that we live in a broken world.  But it's also encouraging.  A birth mother choosing adoption is much better than choosing abortion.  

These emails are great reminders for the Sovereignty of God in this process and great catalysts for prayer... and also a reminder that if we were picked, God would have to perform a miracle for us to have the remaining funds ready.  

Today, while we wait for news about this latest baby, I am Thankful.  
  • I'm thankful for how God has already provided greatly for this adoption. 
  • I'm thankful for our house and that it will make a wonderful home for our family for years to come. 
  • I'm thankful for each person who donated items for us to sell at our yard sales. 
  • I'm thankful for the people who have purchased jewelry, make-up, home decor, and Tupperware in support of our adoption. 
  • I'm thankful for those who have participated in our raffles by spreading the word or donating to earn entries.  
  • I'm thankful for the sweet notes we've received along with donations in the mail. 
  • I'm thankful for the people who sold class rings and discarded jewelry for our adoption.  
  • I'm thankful for everyone who came and supported us at Chik-fil-A. 
  • I'm thankful for the crib, highchair, play pen, bassinet, bouncy seat, and baby clothes that have been given to us with such generous hearts. 
  • I'm thankful to be on this journey with my best friend who keeps me grounded.
  • I'm thankful for a wonderful job with special people who encourage me and ask me about our status. 
  • I'm thankful for people who purchase items through our Amazon site in support of our adoption. 
  • I'm thankful that Lifesong for Orphans is allowing donations to be made to them so that people can give tax-deductible donations. 
  • I'm thankful to have been called to adopt a child... 
  • I'm thankful for those who walk this journey with us.  
Some days are hard.  Many days are a blur.  Other days are heart-breaking and feel a little hopeless.  Occasionally, we are reminded of all that we have for which to be thankful; these days are glorious.   Thank you for being part of all these days.


  1. AWH.... Baby Flagler will be so blessed!

  2. Thanks for the updates! I was in town this weekend and had hoped to see you on Sunday. Oh well. Keep the updates coming! Sounds like things are moving along nicely. Can't wait until you get the email for THE baby that will be baby Flagler. :-)