Thursday, September 6, 2012

Compassion Children

The last weekend of August, I had the opportunity to volunteer with Compassion International at a Beth Moore conference in Charleston.  

I was soooo excited to go and get to serve in this way.  We have come to love Compassion and our sponsored girl, Gift, over the past 2+ years since we started sponsoring her.  

During a worship song that I snuck into the auditorium for.

There was something special about being at a conference with 9,000 (mostly) women worshiping God and learning more about Him.  It was also very special that the conference planners know that giving is a huge part of worship.  They had opportunities for people to give to other great organizations like Samaritan's Purse as well.  The worship leader shared about his heart for Compassion, how he has gotten to meet one of his sponsored children and how sponsoring a child helps him teach his children about perspective.  They also showed a video of lives who had been changed as a result of the ministry of Compassion. 

After that section of the conference, we were very busy at the Compassion booth.  We got to help ladies find children with the same birthdays as their child, or children who were in a certain part of the world, or who had certain physical traits.  It was very special.  After my second shift, I learned that there were about 400 children who got sponsored that weekend... wow!  What a blessing!  

a small portion of the available children
But my mind was truly blown by just how many children still need sponsors.  Sponsors in places like America, where people pay $60 to go to a conference for 10 hours.  Sponsors who probably get to go on trips and eat out at restaurants while there are children in other places of the world without the basics.  We're talking basics, like regular food and clean water.

Click on this picture to be taken to the Sponsorship Page.

I'm not judging.  I'm just challenged.  I'm asking:  How do we balance the blessings we've been given with the needs of many in this world?  Would love to know your thoughts on this.  I am well aware that there's no one-size-fits-all answer.  What does Scripture say, and how does that fit into our modern-day culture?

I've been in a VERY similar hut.  This was not just for show.  It's reality for a LOT of people. 

Seriously... I'm asking. :)

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  1. This post made my heart so glad. Thank you for stepping up and being an advocate on behalf of the children around the world who we fight for on a daily basis to be released from the grip of adverse poverty in Jesus' name. Your sponsorship, advocacy, and challenge to others means SO much. Praying for your friend!