Monday, September 10, 2012

Wild and Wonderful Weekend

Labor Day weekend (which already seems like forever ago!), I drove up to Charlotte and picked up Ginger at the airport, then we drove to her home in West Virginia. 

Mrs. Kathy in her kitchen... making homemade sweet rolls.... yum!
It was mostly a rainy weekend, and I had the 'crud', but it was still wonderful.  The first morning, we lazed around the house with her sister, Beth who is expecting her first baby.  We enjoyed homemade yummies from her mom.  We caught up on pictures one morning then ventured into the back'yard' and went swimming walking in the creek.  It was fun just walking in the water taking it all in.  Later, we lay on our towels on the bank, watched the clouds and watched the cows cross the creek.  Beth and Ginger kept making fun of my excitement over the little things, but it was all so different than my normal weekend fun.
This was our view from dinner.  Henry backyard.
In the evening, her Dad made dinner, and we ate outside with Ginger's aunt and her boyfriend, Roger.  It was great to be able to meet more of the family and to be fully immersed in their normal lives.  Also, there's just something about being in the country.  It's so peaceful and relaxing. 

After dinner, we prepped for the campfire in the back'yard'.  Way behind the barn in this picture.  Even though storms were around us, we didn't get soaked.  Just a few sprinkles.  Hearing stories of Ginger's cross-country trip, s'mores, baby names.  Perfect campfire evening.  After the campfire, it was back to the house for Phase 10 and introducing me to the Netti-Pot.  Verdict is still out on my experience with it.  :) 
The next morning, we lazed around a little then went on a tour of their hometown/county.  I got to see the Henry high school (complete with a siloh and multiple tractors!), and the Herold farm where I met multiple dogs, kitties, and goats.  Pure joy, right here. 
Price of admission to the Corn Maze?
A canned food donation.  Thanks for the Refried Beans, Herolds.

After the Corn Maze, we played volleyball, which is something I hadn't done in a very long time.  But it was hysterically fun with the comments and antics of Beth, Lisa, Hallie, Ginger, and Sam.  Oh, and I picked the right team. ;) 
Being silly in the corn maze. :)

So after the hometown tour and corn maze, it was time to go (way too soon!).  Sometime over the weekend, we had discovered that Blacksburg, VA was only 2 hours(ish) away, and I really wanted to go and see my Dad's house.  Hadn't been there since he died in 2001.  Ginger went with me, and I actually remembered how to get to his house.  Brought back lots of sweet memories.  I even visited his landlords.  It was a quick visit, and I'm glad I went, though it was definitely closer to 3 hours, and Ginger had to get back home soon after dinner.  Next time, I'll stick to West Virginia.  But it was fun to be in Blacksburg on Game Day... Go Hokies!  thought about the Seamans and Taltons! :)

Me in front of Dad's house.
Left way too late, got a ticket on the way home (which was definitely a blessing considering the State Trooper pointed out I was on the wrong highway and saved me from being stuck on the interstate behind a wreck for several hours).  Got reaaaaalllly tired after being in the car for over 12 hours, so I stopped and stayed with Valeried & Zebediah in Columbia.  I just couldn't drive the remaining 2 hours.  Got into their house at almost 1 am, and they were extremely hospitable.  Nyquil, tissues, cough drops and water all waiting in the guest bedroom.  All that without much notice.  Thanks y'all!  

So, it was really a wonderful weekend... not too wild.  Can't wait to go back again!  

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