Wednesday, November 21, 2012

God's Trying to Teach Me Something...

I haven't done a great job at the daily posts about adoption, but that's okay.  Life continues, and it's a little tricky to blog daily without internet access at home.  

Anyway, without going into any details, there's a lot happening on the adoption front.  Lots of emails.  The kind that say "are you interested in this baby" and we respond "of course we're interested" and then we hear back "____ families are interested in this baby".  Then we wait.

It's a beautiful and maddening thing.  It's soooooo wonderful that there are other people who want to be families for these children.  It's a beautiful thing that these precious lives are soon going to have families who love them and dream for them.  Maddening because we want to be the family.  

I get really caught up in emails.  Matt and I both do... it's probably comical to observe us these days... constantly checking emails, texting each other, calling each other for updates (depending on which one has email access at the time).  

But I had a good reminder today.  Something I KNOW but needed a good smack in the face with, to be reminded of...  

God is not giving us a child through an email.
It has nothing to do with how many other families respond and our 'odds'. 
HE has chosen our child(ren), and these are just the means
of getting us to him/her/them...
God has already designed our family.
Not the agency.  Not the waiting list.  Not a system. 

I was re-reading my friend's blog earlier, and I ran across this: 
You see, it was never about probability or circumstances or anything else. It was about God's plan. These girls were ours, are ours. It didn't matter how things played out....they were ours either way. And what a blessing to know that. We didn't become our girls' parents by default; we also didn't become their parents because their birthmom chose us. We became their parents because God chose us. He chose our family; He chose us for each other. (And not because we deserved it, but because He is SOOO good to us:))

Timely, wouldn't you say? 

By the way, if you're coming to our BBQ & Bids Fundraiser, you'll get to meet the family above and hear their story. 


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  1. So so true! Keep trusting His perfect plan and timing!