Thursday, December 13, 2012

Red and Yellow, Black and White...

Jesus loves the little children,
All the children of the world.
Red and yellow, black and white,
They are precious in His sight,
Jesus loves the little children of the world.

I grew up singing that song... did you?  
It's a nice song to sing, but it's even more important to believe the words in the song. 

When we started this adoption journey, 2+ years ago, we were open to lots of things, but pretty limited when it came to the type of ethnicity we would 'accept'.  It never felt right, but we knew there were members of our family who would have a serious problem with a child 'of color' being in our family.  And we want our children to be loved as much as they possibly can... from us and from our family members and community. 

A few months ago, things changed.  We had gotten several emails about children available, and they were different races than us.  We didn't respond to those first few emails.  But in June, there was an email about an African American boy.  Something was different, and I knew we were supposed to respond.  I called Matt (who was up at Liberty for school that week), and we discussed it and agreed to spend some time praying and we would talk about it when he was finished with school that week. 

On my way to meet Matt, I literally saw 4 trans-ethnic families.  (You know how you notice things more when you're looking for them or thinking about them?)  At the restaurant we met at and came to our decision, there were 3 other trans-racial families in our view.  In a small way, it was like God was saying, "it's not as different as you think."  We both came to the conclusion that we would respond to that email.

We texted our immediate family members, and they all responded in very appropriate ways.  Some with joy and excitement, others with concern.  None of their responses were wrong... they are entitled to feel how they feel.  For the most part, we know they are looking out for us--and even for our future children.  

Ever since then, we've joyfully responded to almost every email, no matter the type of skin the children have.  (The only ones we haven't responded to have been if there are significant extra costs involved...) I'm so glad the LORD changed our hearts.  I'm so glad He reminds us of the truths in the lyrics in childhood songs. 

This is 2012 (almost 2013).  People are people, no matter what kind of skin they're wearing.  Children without families need families... whether they're red, yellow, black or white.. green, purple, or tie-dyed. 

More importantly, the Lord has been placing people in our lives whose families don't necessarily share the same genetic material.  We know plenty of families who represent different parts of the world, and we're getting to know even more.  Our children will have some hardships (all children do).  But they won't be alone in their struggles.  No matter what color our children are, they will be LOVED... by us, by our family, and by a community of believers who already love them.  



  1. Great post! We've had to search our hearts about the same issue because we also have family members who would have a hard time accepting a child of a different race. I think God can use trans-racial families in a more obvious way as an example of what He did for us.