Sunday, January 27, 2013

Adoption Day 1-14-2013

The day began with another life-changing phone call... this time, from Tyndall's doctor.  He went through a medical update, praised our involvement, then said, "are you ready to take him home today?"  

If the doctor thought our 3 pounds, 15.6 ounce son was ready to go home, we would make ourselves ready!  Yes, we were ready!  More than ready! 

So, we placed a call to the social workers (hospital & Bethany) and started packing up our stuff from our room at the Ronald McDonald house.  The social workers had both heard different things about discharge day, so we went ahead and went to the hospital to spend time with Tyndall while we waited to hear for sure if this would be discharge day/Adoption Day!  As we turned into the hospital parking area, it was confirmed.  Today was Adoption Day!  Whooo-hoo! 

We did the mid-morning feeding with him... started getting lots of instructions from the nurses... and started preparing ourselves for the reality of no more NICU.  No more wonderful nurses to depend on.  No more monitors to assure us everything was fine.  On the other hand, he would be coming HOME!  We would finally be a family of three!  

After the feeding, we went back to the RMH and packed the car, checked out, got the car seat hooked up and hurried back to the hospital.  

Our social worker arrived, and we signed the papers making everything official.  His new name.  His new family.  Our new son.  

We already had an appointment that afternoon with a friend from college who is a photographer nearby. How special that she was there on Adoption Day--a day that will forever be special for our forever family!  (These pictures by Blissful Photography of Greenwood, SC.  If you're in the area, she's wonderful!)

We then had discharge instructions with the nurse while Casey was photographing the most adorable boy on the planet.  They stocked us up with bottles for the ride home... gave us many admonitions to keep him away from crowds for a long time...  Encouraged us... Praised Tyndall for being such an over-comer! :)

Then, Matt went to get the car, and we were off!  On our own...  As a family of three!

We made a couple stops before we got on the road... Babies R Us for a monitor and snuggle nest, Chick-fil-A for dinner, and then we were on the way!  Our drive home was so peaceful and joyful!  And when we got home, Aunt Laura and Aunt Steph came to welcome him home! 

And we had our first night together in our home... and we both woke up for every feeding.  It was just so wonderfully exciting!  Sooooooo many prayers had been answered!           


  1. So its official? That is amazing & so fast! COOL!!

    1. Hey Brooke! One stage is official. This day is what's called "placement". We still have to do "finalization", but that will probably be April or May. For the most part, though, there's nothing to worry about. :)

  2. Your little punkin is so adorable!