Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Christmas in Saluda, Part 1 (Goats)

We gathered with my side of the family for the weekend before Christmas.  Lots of things were new this year with this side of the family, so we weren't going by many traditions... just tried to figure it out as we went along.  It turned out very well as we had a wonderful few days with family! 

We all drove up to Mom's Friday night (late).  Driving with Zoe is not a picnic, so it was a much longer and painful drive than usual.  Mom was at work and didn't get home until Saturday afternoon.  This meant that the 5 of us children were unchaperoned for a few hours before she got home...  

When we got up on Saturday morning, we all made our way to the kitchen eventually and decided what we would do for the day: bake.  We got recipes from Pinterest, scavenged Mom's shelves, and made a grocery list.  While Laura, Matt and Zeb went 'to town' to get the groceries, Valerie and I baked a little and watched YouTube videos of goats.  

Naturally, by the time the other three got back from town, we had decided that we wanted goats.  Matthew and Zebediah were too happy to oblige--being that both husbands had tried talking us wives into getting goats in the past. Zebediah had especially been working on Valerie which is what started the whole YouTube thing anyway.  It didn't take long to find some pygmy goats listed on Craigslist nearby.  After changing into presentable clothes (and admonishing Valerie that she did not have to get 'dolled up' to go buy a goat), we made our way 2 towns over and found ourselves on a lovely farm.  

Matt and I with "Hippo"

After much deliberation, we settled on two goats.  A brown one for Matt & Tricia who we named "Hippo" from the song, "I Want a Hippopotamus for Christmas", and the gray one for Valerie & Zebediah... who was named "Sebaaaaaastian" on the way back to Mom's.  On the drive back, we joked that "we got a KID for Christmas".  We introduced the goats to the dogs (all 7 of them!), and it was clear from the beginning that Zoe was not a fan of the little pygmies.  So, within an hour of getting Mr. Hippo, we decided he could not be part of our family after all.  We would either return him or see if Mom wanted him.  

The dogs meeting the goats.
By the time Mom got home, we had the goats tucked away in her outside closet so they could stay warm and remain a surprise until it was time to open presents...
only we didn't account for the noise they made.  When Mom got home from work, she heard a strange noise and went to the closet thinking a cat was locked up in it.  Instead, she saw two "cute little things" and realized she had ruined a surprise so promptly came into the kitchen to tell us she had discovered the "cute little things".  

After much excitement, we introduced Mom to Hippo, her goat-which-had-become-a-Christmas-present.  She was appropriately surprised, reluctant, yet intrigued.  After a few hours of cuddling and care-taking, she quickly launched into 'very excited'.  

Mom with Hippo
The next day, we went to Tractor Supply and Home Depot so she could get pen materials, feed, and materials to build a goat house.  She had also decided that she wanted to keep both goats because goats aren't meant to be by themselves.  So, Valerie & Zebediah started the process of trying to find themselves a new goat(s). 

We loved cuddling the baby goats and doting on them.  Zebediah built them a nice pen, and they seemed to be quite at home when we left on Monday afternoon.  

More Christmas Updates coming soon...

**Update, sadly, Hippo died a couple days after Christmas.  He wasn't quite well from the beginning, but we attributed it to transitions.  Apparently, he just wasn't well.  Thus, we successfully went from giving Mom a very cool, unique, exciting Christmas present to giving her the WORST Christmas present ever... one that died a few days later... launching her into grief and remorse.  Note to friends and family and anyone else who wants to give good gifts--Do NOT give pygmy goats as a Christmas present... especially if you don't know much about them.***

You can view my Facebook album from the weekend here.   

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  1. Oh no, that's so sad! Is she going to get another goat?