Thursday, January 3, 2013

Christmas in Saluda, Part 2 (Chameleon)

After the excitement of the goats, we revisited our plans for Saturday evening.  We had originally planned to go up to the Biltmore house and walk around the village up there and eat a nice dinner up there.  Instead, we decided to get BBQ in Saluda and just chill at the house.  

After dinner, we decided to open 3 presents each.  Everything was going well (movies, earrings, etc.) until I went to get a present for Matt and was told he had to wait until last to open it.  Hmmmmm....

When it was Matt's turn, he opened up a background for an aquarium.  It took him a minute, and then he said, "does this mean I'm getting a veiled chameleon!!?!?!"  (He has been wanting one for a couple of years.) 

Valerie promptly produced a veiled chameleon from her pocket.

What!?!?! Huh!?!?  What!?!?!  My thoughts:  Since when is it okay to get someone a PET for Christmas without at least consulting them and/or their spouse!?!?  Oh, the irony

I am not thrilled with reptiles.  I heard a story once about a baby getting salmonella from geckos in the house, and I have been opposed to cold-blooded creatures in the house since then.  But I guess it doesn't matter because Matt was filled with pure joy, and who am I to put the kabosh on that at Christmas? 

So yeah, Matt got a veiled chameleon (with a nice hand-me-down cage and light which is the only way the gift stayed remotely close to the price limit that was set for gifts).  For the rest of the visit, the time that wasn't spent with the goats was spent with the chameleon... whose name changed from Rango to Optimus to Gage before we finally settled on Muppet

**Side note, can you imagine if we had driven home from Saluda with Us, Zoe, Nala, a pygmy goat, AND a veiled chameleon?!?!  My sister almost allowed that to happen.  Thanks a lot, Valerie! :)


  1. You are a much nicer spouse than I would be. This is a no reptiles allowed house. I did think the goat was cute...too bad that didn't work out.