Thursday, January 3, 2013

Christmas in Saluda, Part 3 and Final

Amidst the craziness of goats and the chameleon, we truly had a wonderful weekend at Momma's.  

Saturday:  We baked. We watched movies. We played with the 7 dogs, 2 goats, and 1 chameleon.  We ate BBQ for dinner then went to a shooting range!  It was my first time at an indoor range, but it was very fun!  After shooting, we went back to Mom's and opened some Christmas gifts. You have already read about the most interesting gift. 

Mom's house, built in 1900, decorated for Christmas!

Sunday:  We got dressed (I think all of us actually took showers!) and drove up to Lake Lure Inn for Sunday Brunch. Yum.  After brunch, we took family Christmas pictures.  Then we went shopping for goat stuff. And Valerie & Zebediah worked on finding new goats.  Zeb built the goat pen, and we did more baking.  We went down to Tryon to have dinner with Uncle Charlie, Aunt Betsy and Charlotte.  It was a treat to see them since it hardly ever happens--it has been an especially long time since we had seen Charlotte.  After dinner, they finished the house for the goats while I had some time to myself (much needed for this introvert!), then we opened the rest of our gifts. 

Monday: Valerie & Zebediah left fairly early to go get their new goats from a couple hours away.  Matt, Laura, Mom and I hung out around the house and did more baking and cleaning up.  We finally left Saluda in the late afternoon and had an uneventful ride home.  We went to bed early to prepare for Christmas Day with Matt's family (post coming).

I spent a lot of the weekend laughing, which is a true gift.  My Mom and sisters are some of my closest friends, and I realize what a blessing that is.  We know all the crud about each other but still love each other.  We have a pretty healthy balance of grace and truth with one another, and there is something VERY special about that to me.  This has not always been the case.  

As we traveled home, I spent a lot of time thanking God for my family and the weekend we had celebrating together!  

You can view my Facebook album from the weekend here.


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