Friday, January 11, 2013

His Nursery

I love Tyndall's nursery.  I love all the things that people have given us. I love the consignment store finds... I love the travel souvenirs that have made their way to the nursery.  I love that it's been 'in progress' for almost 2 years and will soon be the home of a little boy! 

Now, I will take you on a tour.  This is what it looked like a week ago: 

Please picture this right-side-up.
Giant giraffe "Geoffrey" has been Matt's since he was in middle school.  He served as our Christmas Tree our first married Christmas.  He finally has a better purpose in our home.
Crib (and matress AND conversion set!) given to us by friends from the church where Tricia grew up.
Giraffe rug--purchased almost a year ago at Babies R Us.

Lamp--repurposed from a wedding gift.
Giraffe canvas, bought with Groupon a year ago. Made from a picture we took on a field trip in Thailand.

Dresser--found by a friend at a consignment store.
Basket--bought at local consignment sale.
Changing pad--given to us by long-time friends.
Picture board--Amazon find a few months ago.
Pictures on board--taken by us in Thailand.

Glider--given to us by Mom's old family she used to nanny for
(Was recovered by a friend from the church where I work. Mom bought the fabric and got the cushions cut to fit.  Love it!)
Bouncy seat--bought at consignment sale

Please picture it right-side-up. :)
Bookshelf was a find on Amazon.  Books have been collected for a loooooooong time.
Some are from when we were kids.
Can you see the rocking lion?  Also a consignment store find, as well as the mini-swing.

Matt recently found this treasure in a box of my baby things.

This guy was purchased in Russia. 

Got these in Tanzania... they are made from banana leaves. 

These Christmas books were the Christmas present for Baby Flagler, just this past year.
The elephant nightlight was a recent gift.  It looks really similar to another elephant that Matt's cousin Shannon gave him from Africa years ago.  

 Now, I will take you on a tour.  This is what it looked like a week ago:  

This is what it looked like when we came home the other day.  Stephani & Grandma had fun shopping now that they know it's a boy!
We love the stuffed elephant, all the blankets, outfits, Boppy, bumper & all the other goodies. :)

It's sooooooooo exciting that he'll be here soon!  We can't wait to bring you home, Tyndall James.

Okay, does anyone know how to turn these pictures?  It's driving me nuts.

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