Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Meeting Our Son 1-7-2013

It was a long weekend between finding out about him (post 1 and post 2) and getting to meet him.  All I wanted to do was get to him and meet him and tell him he has a mommy and a daddy.  I wanted to cheer him on in his growing and talk to him and tell him how much he is loved.  I wanted to smell him and feel him and hear his cry.  I'm so glad I didn't have to wait much longer than I did.   

We woke up early on Monday, January 7th and finished packing and drove to meet Tyndall.  We weren't sure if the hospital would let us stay and visit him, but we packed our bags just in case.  We also had no idea how he was doing or if he would be close to coming home, so we packed everything ready for him to come home as well.  

It was a wonderful drive, full of lots of loving texts from family & friends.  It was beyond exciting with waves of nervousness followed by perfect peace.  Matt and I just kept saying "is this real?" 

We got to the hospital about 45 minutes early.  I had taken the virtual tour of the hospital, so we went to the NICU to see if we could peek in at him.  We couldn't see him, but I love this picture of Matt trying to catch a peek.  

We went back down to the main lobby to wait for the Bethany social worker, and thankfully, she was early too! We spent some time catching up with her and asking her lots of questions.  I was amazed at how completely sane and normal it felt (at times!).  She showed us more pictures, and we even got to see pictures of some of his birth family, which was very special.  

We had an appointment with the hospital social worker at 11:30.  She was also very kind and understood our excitement.  She walked us straight in to meet our son.  We entered the secure NICU, scrubbed up, then walked into his room that he shared with 5 other preemies.  

He was sooooo much tinier than he looked in pictures.  But soooo much more adorable and perfect!  We got to touch him and talk to him and introduce ourselves through the incubator at first.  It was magical. Surreal.  Amazing.  Our son was right in front of us! We could touch him. Thankfully, the social worker and nurses took pictures!

We got a crash course in preemie care from the wonderful NICU nurses.  They are so amazing at what they do!

After getting to know him a bit through the incubator and hearing from the hospital social worker that we would be able to stay and spend time with him, I thought it had been the perfect day!  

But God had so much more for us... we could hold him!  His current weigh was 3 lbs, 5.1 oz which was big enough to spend about 20 minutes per day in our arms.  
Tears of joy!!

It was amazing.  He is amazing!  We love you, Tyndall, and are soooo glad God chose us to be your family! 


  1. Oh my!!! So excited for you. And getting a little teary myself:)

  2. oh tricia. that picture of you with the tears in your eyes is just so beautiful. i'm so happy for you all. he's precious.

  3. He's beautiful! And has your nose!!!

  4. Tricia! He's GORGEOUS!!! I cried when I saw the picture of you holding him! My heart is so full of joy for you guys! And if you need any preemie tips, we had a preemie ourselves (2#, 13 oz. at birth), so we know the ropes a bit if you have any questions! Preemies come with their own set of issues, but they totally make up for it in cuteness! :) CONGRATULATIONS!!!

  5. Oh my goodness! I'm so behind on my blog reading that I just saw this. This was so awesome to read! God is definitely in the details. :) Congratulations and enjoy being a mommy to your precious little boy!

  6. Congratulations, Tricia. I just read about your new addition. I know you are already a great mom. Tyndall is so cute.
    Kathy B.

  7. ahhhhhhh, he is so cute!! So happy for you and matt, tricia. What a wonderful journey! love you guys :)

  8. Such precious pictures! Love the one with your hand holding his. He's adorable!!!