Wednesday, January 30, 2013

One Month Old!

Tyndall James is one month old today! 

And so we begin the monthly milestone pictures... this giraffe rug will become his comparison.  I should have thought to put him in a onesie that actually fit.  This one is still preemie size but a little big.  (There are also plenty of preemie outfits that he's too big for... I guess that's how it works.)

A whole-room shot to give perspective. :) Please excuse the mess.  We are still getting organized.

One-month stats: 
Weight:  5 pounds, 7 ounces.  
Length: 18.25 inches
Head Circumference: 12.75 inches

He's not even on the charts, so we don't have to worry about that percentile business... yet. ;) 
His due date is still 3 weeks away, but we are so thankful God knew he could arrive early and do just fine. :) 
The doctor is always impressed with how he is growing and how happy and alert he is. 
We continue to praise God for a healthy, happy boy!

At one month old, he is a very content baby.  In the past couple of days, he's starting locking onto us and looking into our eyes.  He loves voices and has wonderful expressions.  He must have some pretty amazing dreams, because he's even super-expressive when he's sleeping!  He smiles a lot, but I think it's still just gas.  He cries when he's hungry and occasionally has 'fussy' afternoons, but he really doesn't cry much at all.  Even when he does, it's adorable.  Honestly, I know I sound ridiculous saying that, but his cry is just so darn cute.  I sometimes giggle. 

He's a good eater!  These days, he is eating betwen 2-3 ounces every 3-3.5 hours.  But he's not a good burper... he gives us a run for our money on that one... Daddy has lots to teach him in that department. ;) 

He sleeps really well!  Most of the time, he sleeps all night between feedings, and we have to wake him up to eat.  He also eats fairly quickly, so we really don't mind the night feedings at all.  We are also blessed to both be able to do feedings (one bonus to not breast-feeding.)  Matt takes the nights when I work the next day, and I do the nights when he works the next day.  If we are both off the next day, then we split them in half.  Not a bad deal, and I'm super-thankful that Matt is comfortable with being so involved... and he's wonderful at being a Daddy! 

During the day, Tyndall has recently started being awake more and more.  A couple hours in the morning and a couple hours later in the day.  It's so fun to interact with him more as we're still settling into life at home. He likes being read to, being in his swing, riding in the car and snuggling!
 He is not a huge fan of tummy time, but hopefully he'll get more used to it. :) 

He LOVES snuggling and holding onto our fingers if we're close enough for him to hold onto.  We don't mind a bit.  This has been something we've loved ever since the first day we met him! Look at those precious tiny fingers!

Even a video for your viewing pleasure... :)

It's so hard to believe that he's already a month old... (I'm sure I'll be saying something like that every month for the rest of my life!)  We've now known him for 3 weeks and 1 day which means he's known us for more of his life than he has not... that brings comfort to this Momma's heart.  And, Lord willing, we have many years and years and years to add onto that!  :) 


  1. I have GOT to meet this baby! So happy for you guys. Sounds like you are doing great as parents:)

  2. He is precious! You sound like you're an old pro at being a Mommy:) Glad things are so smooth sailing! LOVE that first picture!!

  3. Beautiful! I look forward to more monthly updates!! So funny, because a friend of mine from growing up is also using a giraffe rug like that for her monthly comparisons!! So happy for you all.

  4. I love their little squirms. And he's growing at a good pace! So excited for you guys.

  5. Love the rug idea for comparison pictures! He is so precious!