Sunday, January 6, 2013

The Phone Call, 1-3-2013

I was pretty down the first couple days of 2013.  We had prayed so long for a 2012 baby, and I was disappointed that it didn't happen.  I was allowing myself to be sad and disappointed even though I KNEW that God's plans were much better than mine.  I was hanging on to Proverbs 19:21, "Many are the plans in a man's heart, but it is the Lord's purpose that prevails."  Anyone who saw me during that week knew that I was struggling.  But I hadn't given up. In my heart of hearts, I knew something was going on that was much bigger than I could understand.  Matt and I even had some serious conversations during those days.  I am so thankful for the faith of my husband.  He is definitely God's gift to me. 

On to the moment when everything changed...

On Thursday, January 3rd, I was at work when my cell phone rang at 10:03am.  I didn't recognize the number, but it could have been any number of people.  When it was our Bethany social worker, I still didn't know for sure it was a referral call.  The week before Christmas, we had talked with her about the possibility of older child adoption, so I thought she might be calling to follow up on that.  We chatted about Christmas for a minute and being back to 'normal' schedules before she said, "Well, I have some potentially exciting news... you've been chosen!"

She was smart enough to say "you're probably not going to understand all the details right now, so call me back so I can talk to you and Matt together."  So, I called Matt.  He was at home.  I told him, "We have a baby!" and I started bursting out crying.  My coworker, Veronica, ran over to my desk to hug me.  I was shaking.  Trembling.  So, Matt and I decided to both start driving toward one another so we could call our social worker back together.  

I ran around the office, crying and screaming "we have a baby!"  There were questions like, "is it a boy or girl", and I just said "I don't know, and I don't care!"  :)  My poor coworkers probably thought I had lost my mind.  I hugged everyone then went out the door to drive to meet Matt. 

Halfway to each other ended up being Dunkin' Donuts.  We sat in the parking lot and called our social worker back.  She gave us LOTS of information.  One of the most important questions that I asked was "did the birth mother pick us, or were we chosen by default?"  She told us, "She chose you... she loves your love for your family and that you have lived and traveled to a lot of places."  This was a huge answer to prayer! We were THRILLED! 

We asked lots more questions, and she gave us lots of information.  It was CLEAR to us that this is our son.  
Immediately, we called our immediate family members and shared what we knew.  Needless to say, I was way too excited to go back to work. Matt and I hung out the rest of the day and got busy making preparations. 

On the phone later in the day...

Later, I called the birth mother's social worker and asked more questions.  I asked if we get to meet the birth mother, and that was a special answer as well.  Apparently, the birth mother wasn't sure if she wanted to get to know the adoptive family or not, but after reading our profile book, she definitely wants to keep in touch.  What an answer to prayer!  We also learned her first name, which I love. I LOVE being able to pray for her by name. 

Talking with the birth mother's social worker and taking notes.
Matt took this picture because it looks like Zoe & Nala are joined together behind me.
So thankful he focuses on the important things! ;)

It finally happened!!  We're going to be parents--soon! :)


  1. A 2012 baby.

    God knows.

  2. Great Day, I'm tearing up over here! Loving all these details and updates. :)

  3. Such an incredible, special day! I can't wait to hear more!

  4. woooooohoooooooooo!!!!! so pumped for you guys. welcome to the baby boy club!!! i hope ian gets to meet your little one one day!

    love you guys!!

  5. Praise the LORD!!! I love your excitement of running around, Matt's faith and his humor :) We are so excited for Tyndall James and are praying for him!!! We love you!!!