Saturday, February 16, 2013

Puzzle Piece Party Fundraiser!

I remember waking up two days after finding out we had a son and being intimidated by the remaining expenses.  But almost immediately after thinking about the remaining costs, God brought an idea to mind. 
We had seen the idea of a puzzle piece fundraiser in a few places (and also some variations on this idea, such as a 'block party'.)   And we felt that this was the way to go... a "Welcome Home Baby Boy Flagler Puzzle Party!"  I quickly calculated that we had $5,000 remaining so could do a 500 piece puzzle for $10 a piece. 

So, we created a fundraising page and shared the exciting news that we had been matched with a boy! 

The page read: We've just been matched with a Boy! He will (prayerfully) be coming home in January 2013. We cannot share many details at this time but are trusting God for the remaining $5,000 to cover his adoption.

We are having a "Welcome Home Baby Boy" Online Puzzle Party! We are asking for $10 donations, and for each $10 donation, we will put your name on the back of a puzzle piece. When each of the 500 pieces has a name on it, we will frame it and place it in Baby Boy's nursery. And, our funding will be complete!

Please include your mailing address in the comments so we can send a Thank You note! Thank you so much for helping us welcome home our son!

At the time, we couldn't share that he was already born... that during the time of this fundraiser, we MET HIM, we HELD HIM, we told him he is LOVED!  During our times in the waiting room, in between visiting with him, we would see emails of "so and so" has donated $xx amount to "Welcome Home Baby Boy Flagler".  I cannot tell you how special those emails were at the time. 

Each and every fundraiser we've done has been special.  This one was extra-special.  So easy, so meaningful, so perfect in the timing!  

THE DAY BEFORE Adoption Day, we celebrated that God had provided ALL of our adoption funds!  We were beyond excited!  This was my Facebook status, and you can see all of the feedback... 

Once we got home, we were excited to start on the puzzle... 

Friends and Family helped
Almost a month went by... we took a break once we caught Zoe eating a puzzle piece and realizing she had eaten more than one (we thought several at the time)...

2/13 all put together... and you can see the missing pieces...

But, thanks to Amazon, we found the same puzzle.
And now it's complete!!! 
$10 puzzle pieces x 500 puzzle pieces = $5,000!  A wonderful "Welcome Home" Party indeed!

P.S.  I always loved this puzzle, but then I found out that elephants are pregnant for 22 months.  Now I love it even more. :) 

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