Thursday, March 28, 2013

Trip to BeBe's House

We have just returned from Tyndall's first road trip, and it was truly "Over the river and through the woods... to grandmother's house".

Mom/BeBe has been down several times to visit, but she has been looking forward to having us up there.  It worked out for us to go Sunday-Wednesday of this week.  At first, it was just going to be me and Tyndall, but Matt was able to switch with someone at work so he could go with us.  AND Valerie joined us for a bit which made it even more special.  

We got up there late Sunday night and just settled in.  Mom had just gotten a pack-n-play that she setup in the other downstairs bedroom for us.  Tyndall did well sleeping during the night, but Matt and I are not used to sharing a smaller-than-double-sized bed.  We slept in different beds the other nights. :) 

Unpacking... :)
Monday morning, Mom made cinnamon bread, and we just hung out around the house.  We were putting together a nativity set that she got us in Israel and started organizing her pantry.  We had frozen pizzas for lunch and just enjoyed playing with Tyndall and hanging out.  We did venture out in the cold for a short walk to visit the horse and the goats.  

Getting bundled up to face the cold...
Cute bundled baby
Tyndall not interested in the horse... who looks like the feeling was mutual.
Staying warm with his hot daddy
The goats... Stella, Dot, and Sebastian
Inside working on the nativity set... about to conquer the pantry.
Cute Farmer BeBe :)
Later in the afternoon, Matt's long-time friend Amanda came up from Greer to hang out with us.  She got to meet Tyndall, and we got to catch up.  We took her to downtown Saluda, but everything was already closed.  So, we went back to the house and played cards.   Valerie showed up in the evening, and we were all hungry so found a place to go to dinner.  We went 'down the mountain' to Tryon and ate at Side Street Pizza. Yum!  After dinner, Amanda headed back home, and the rest of us went back to Momma's house.  Matt went to bed early since he took the night shift with T-man, and Mom took care of Tyndall while Valerie and I tackled some Mary Kay business.  We were up late working on stuff and then talking about Baby Goldston!  It was a very special night that I hope to never forget. 

Matt, Amanda, and Tyndall
I slept upstairs with Valerie since Matt was taking care of the baby, so I slept almost allllll night, uninterrupted, which was a glorious, glorious thing.  In the morning, as I was walking downstairs, I happened to witness Tyndall ROLLING OVER onto his stomach on my Mom's bed.  I'm so glad I happened to be walking down the stairs at the time.  :)  I found out later that he started on his side-back instead of all the way on his back, but it was still the first time he had rolled over that much.  Then we talked more Baby Goldston and tried to find where the 'peach-sized' baby is inside my sister.  Whenever we would say "Peachy", Tyndall had the biggest smile... it was so cute.  
Special time with Aunt Valerie

Valerie left mid-morning to head back to Columbia, and Mom went out to babysit for a few hours.  Matt and I watched a couple movies while we watched a little bit of snow fall outside and while I was working on Mary Kay stuff.  I stayed in my pajamas alll day, and it was great!!  We had my Mom's BBQ beef for dinner and then just watched tv in the evening.  We also got the first ultrasound pic of Baby G which was so exciting and got to watch as Val & Zeb shared the news with family & friends through texts then Facebook.  I was a nice evening.  Matt and I switched nighttime roles, so he got to sleep upstairs while I was up with T who must have thought it was daytime. :) 

By Wednesday morning, we were ready to get home and back to normalcy.  We got ready then packed up.  Mom had to be at work at 10:30am (she is a caretaker for a sweet elderly lady), but we went over there to introduce Mrs. Mary to the baby and so Mom could have a bit longer with Ty.  Mrs. Mary LOVED being able to hold and love on a little baby.  I'm so glad we were able to meet her and let her love on Tyndall.  And I like being able to picture where my Mom works too. :)  After visiting there, we got on the road.  

We were going to try and see family in Spartanburg, but we weren't organized enough to pull it off.  So we decided to stop in Columbia and visit the Bethany office.  We got to meet the office manager and put a face to the name and voice we've had so much interaction with over the past 2.5 years.  And it was so great to be able to see Mrs. Bert who is the social worker for Tyndall's birth mother.  We got a little update on how she is doing which was great.  It was a short visit but definitely worth it.  

Overall, it was a pretty laid-back trip but wonderful!  It was very cold, but we were able to hunker down in the house most of the time.  I did learn that I need to pack more baby clothes and burp cloths next time.  I thought I had plenty, but learned my lesson. :)  I also wish I had taken more pictures, but my family would probably disagree.  Afterall, who needs pictures when you have a blog to remember every.single.detail., right?! ;)  

P.S.  If you actually read this whole thing, you deserve some sort of prize.  This is definitely one of those posts more for the memory than the newsworthiness. :)         

Lots of Family News!

Each girl in this picture has already had a great start to 2013.  
Here's the exciting news for each!! (left to right)

Laura-- new special guy friend... he's got her all giddy and goofy like a middle-school girl. So annoying cute.  :)

Valerie--baby on the way!  Baby Goldston is due October 8!  YAY!!  On the record, I'm hoping for a BOY!  We found out on 2/17 when Valerie & Zeb gave Mom a birthday card signed "Valerie, Zebediah and BABY!"  AHHHHHHHHHH!

Baby Goldston! 
Me--Well, I think you know what's been exciting around here.  And he turns 3 months old tomorrow! 

Lauryn--engaged!  Randy proposed 3/23.  So excited for them! 

Stephani--baby GIRL on the way!  Baby Peterson is due end of September!  YAY!!  Hailey is going to be a great big sister!  We found out the week Tyndall came home that they were expecting and found out on 3/19 that it's a little girl! 

I don't like keeping secrets... especially wonderful secrets like this.  So, I'm so glad we can finally be openly excited about all these new babies!  And that Lauryn and Randy are officially engaged!  And, well, some things with Laura are still under wraps, but I'm still excited for what's going on with her too.  

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

St. Patrick's Day Adventure

It really didn't have anything to do with St. Patty's Day, but I guess it does make it a little more memorable. 

Tyndall is finally big enough to fit in a carrier + it's beautiful these days in Charleston + I was craving some outdoors time = we headed out on an 'adventure' to Caw Caw Interpretive Center

Ginger, Laura, another Matthew, and the three of us piled into Laura's new Dodge Journey Sunday morning.  We made a stop at the grocery store to pick up some stuff for a picnic lunch.  After our eclectic picnic, we were off to the walking trails! 

 You may or may not know that I have a fascination with alligators.  I love them.  I especially love seeing them in their natural habitats, but not-too-close.  So, Caw-Caw was perfect.  Not too far into our walk, we spotted our first gator... the first of 11!

Ginger with our first gator-sighting!

 Not too long after our first gator sighting, we had our second snake-sighting.  But, this one wasn't a little baby black rat snake like the first, this was a Cottonmouth. Very poisonous.  In the middle of the walking path.  Thankfully, we spotted it a few yards before we got to it.  We attempted to startle it so it would move out of the path-- it didn't.  And it seemed way too interested in us when we tried to take the skirt of the trail and leave it be.  So, we just waited.  And waited.  And we let it move off to the side before we walked by.  Well, we QUICKLY walked by, on the opposite side of the trail.  And the adventure continued. 

It was soaking up the sunshine too.
Can you see it in the middle of the pic?

Matt was a trooper to carry Tyndall the whole 2+ hours of walking. 

The biggest gator we saw... from a distance!  Probably 12ish feet but can't be sure. 

Enjoying more of the beautiful day before we headed home!
My thirst for alligators and sunshine and quality time with family and friends was satisfied.  I also can't wait to go back!  We are truly blessed to be able to live in such a beautiful place with such fun, free things to do!

Monday, March 4, 2013

Two Months Old!

Tyndall James is two months old! 

Well, if there had been a February 29th, we would have done pictures and all then...
but there isn't a February 29th this year, so we did most pictures on the 1st.  

Actually, Tyndall had a doctor's appointment on the 1st and got some shots, so he wasn't his usual happy self most of that day.  So, we did some of these pictures on March 2nd.  

This is a newborn size outfit, which he wears exclusively now. He's also moved up to Newborn-sized diapers.    

Two Month Stats:
Weight: 8 pounds, exactly
Length: 19.75 inches
Head Circumference: 14 inches

He's actually almost on the charts of full-term babies, so he continues to grow really well.  (The paper they gave us at his appointment says he's -5% on everything, so it will be interesting to see if he is on the charts next month.)  We are all very happy about his growth and health, and his doctor continues to be impressed.  

At two months, he's a very sweet, happy baby.  He still loves to cuddle but will also make it known when he's ready to have some time to himself, aka 'swing time'.  He locks onto things with his eyes very quickly and consistently now.  He has been smiling interactively for about a week, and those smiles melt this mom's heart.  They are truly priceless, especially the 'big' smiles.  Sometimes, he 'talks' back to us with a 'coo' or a 'goo', and that is really fun too!  

He's still a really good eater!  He eats between 3-4 ounces every 3-4 hours and is doing much better at burping.  At night, he sleeps a little longer, and you do not find us complaining about that one bit.  A few nights ago, he slept 6 hours, and 2 nights later, he slept 8 hours!  Whoo-hoo! 
Proof that he sometimes cries. :)

Some highlights of this month:
  •  2 baby showers
  • first walk outside with new stroller, Aunt Ginger, and the dogs
  • first bath not in the sink
  • nursery getting painted by a family friend so sleeping in the guest bed...
    or with Mommy & Daddy when we had guests
  • celebrated lots of family birthdays
  • Mommy lost her job so has been able to spend lots more time with Tyndall! (mixed blessing) 

Here is a video for you to see his interactions... I know I sound like a goober, but this is my life now.  I LOVE getting these smiles and noises, so I will sound like a dummy if I need to. :) 

Other things I really want to remember:
  • nicknames include: Doodle, Munchkin, Smunchkin, Baby Boy, Ty, T-man, my-T-man/mighty man 
  • his temper, or the way he acts when he's not happy about something... his whine/squeal/panting
  • the way he plays with his tongue :) 
  • his scratchy-voice cry at night 
  • the way Daddy says "what's the matter, baby boy?"
What a joy these two months have been!!  We love you, Tyndall James, and are so happy you are part of this family!