Thursday, March 28, 2013

Lots of Family News!

Each girl in this picture has already had a great start to 2013.  
Here's the exciting news for each!! (left to right)

Laura-- new special guy friend... he's got her all giddy and goofy like a middle-school girl. So annoying cute.  :)

Valerie--baby on the way!  Baby Goldston is due October 8!  YAY!!  On the record, I'm hoping for a BOY!  We found out on 2/17 when Valerie & Zeb gave Mom a birthday card signed "Valerie, Zebediah and BABY!"  AHHHHHHHHHH!

Baby Goldston! 
Me--Well, I think you know what's been exciting around here.  And he turns 3 months old tomorrow! 

Lauryn--engaged!  Randy proposed 3/23.  So excited for them! 

Stephani--baby GIRL on the way!  Baby Peterson is due end of September!  YAY!!  Hailey is going to be a great big sister!  We found out the week Tyndall came home that they were expecting and found out on 3/19 that it's a little girl! 

I don't like keeping secrets... especially wonderful secrets like this.  So, I'm so glad we can finally be openly excited about all these new babies!  And that Lauryn and Randy are officially engaged!  And, well, some things with Laura are still under wraps, but I'm still excited for what's going on with her too.  

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