Tuesday, March 19, 2013

St. Patrick's Day Adventure

It really didn't have anything to do with St. Patty's Day, but I guess it does make it a little more memorable. 

Tyndall is finally big enough to fit in a carrier + it's beautiful these days in Charleston + I was craving some outdoors time = we headed out on an 'adventure' to Caw Caw Interpretive Center

Ginger, Laura, another Matthew, and the three of us piled into Laura's new Dodge Journey Sunday morning.  We made a stop at the grocery store to pick up some stuff for a picnic lunch.  After our eclectic picnic, we were off to the walking trails! 

 You may or may not know that I have a fascination with alligators.  I love them.  I especially love seeing them in their natural habitats, but not-too-close.  So, Caw-Caw was perfect.  Not too far into our walk, we spotted our first gator... the first of 11!

Ginger with our first gator-sighting!

 Not too long after our first gator sighting, we had our second snake-sighting.  But, this one wasn't a little baby black rat snake like the first, this was a Cottonmouth. Very poisonous.  In the middle of the walking path.  Thankfully, we spotted it a few yards before we got to it.  We attempted to startle it so it would move out of the path-- it didn't.  And it seemed way too interested in us when we tried to take the skirt of the trail and leave it be.  So, we just waited.  And waited.  And we let it move off to the side before we walked by.  Well, we QUICKLY walked by, on the opposite side of the trail.  And the adventure continued. 

It was soaking up the sunshine too.
Can you see it in the middle of the pic?

Matt was a trooper to carry Tyndall the whole 2+ hours of walking. 

The biggest gator we saw... from a distance!  Probably 12ish feet but can't be sure. 

Enjoying more of the beautiful day before we headed home!
My thirst for alligators and sunshine and quality time with family and friends was satisfied.  I also can't wait to go back!  We are truly blessed to be able to live in such a beautiful place with such fun, free things to do!

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