Monday, April 1, 2013

Three Months Old!

Tyndall James is 3 months old!

Three Month Stats: 
Weight:  9 pounds, 8 ounces
Length:  21 1/2 inches

He still wears newborn-size diapers and clothes. At 3 months old. I'm actually finding myself thankful that we get some extra 'tiny time' with this precious boy.  Since he is healthy and generally happy, I'm considering it a gift from the Lord.  Everyone says this stage goes by soooo fast, so we are enjoying our mini munchkin while we can!  
Almost smiling... what are dimples called when they're on the upper lip?

Aside from his size, he is actually quite far along developmentally.  A couple of times, I have been out and about with him and he will lift his head or be sitting up and he will get some very quizzical looks.  He looks like a newborn but is very strong and learning to do new things all the time!  
- He is strong!
-He consistently holds his head up... when we are carrying him, he likes to be up on a shoulder so he can look all around.   
-He has stopped sleeping in a swaddle.  But sleeps 6-8 hours consistently at night now. 
-He definitely knows Mommy and Daddy from others. 
Big Smile!
-He's discovering his hands and how he can control them. 
-He is not a fan of tummy time, and the back of his head is getting a little flat.  Mommy may or may not be getting a complex about it.  But he LOVES his swing and loves being on his back so he can look around.  Life must be pretty boring just looking at the ground.  (Any advice here is welcome.)
-He loves to "talk", especially in the mornings when he first wakes up.
 Not-So-Regular Things He Does:
-He can sit up, but can't balance himself.  I am just impressed that he is strong enough to sit. 
-Same with standing.  He can fully stand up and support himself, but he has no balance. So we always hold his hands at least or under his arms.  (Isn't kinda crazy that our 3 month-old preemie baby can stand!?) There is a video on Matt's Facebook if you're curious to see what I'm talking about. I'm not a crazy-exaggerating new Mom.  At least I don't think I am.  Please tell me if I am. ;) 
-He has rolled over once... about 150 degrees. 
-He has laughed once at his Daddy.  (Very fitting.)

Memories from his Third Month:
  • first Road Trip! 
  • baby shower with River Church friends
  •   first picnic and walk at the County Park
  • hanging out with Will Hyatt in the afternoons
  • couple of evenings at Papa & GiGi's while Mommy was out & daddy was working
  • meeting his first famous person... Marcus Lattimore
  • went 10 days without a bath (oops!)
  • new nickname: Monkey
 We are SO IN LOVE with our son and so thankful to the LORD that He chose us to be Tyndall's parents. 

Here's his 3 month video... showing off his moves! 


  1. He looks like your mom. :-)

  2. He is sooooo cute Tricia!!! I know he is such a blessing! :-) for tummy time try to distract him with toys. Love ya!!