Monday, March 4, 2013

Two Months Old!

Tyndall James is two months old! 

Well, if there had been a February 29th, we would have done pictures and all then...
but there isn't a February 29th this year, so we did most pictures on the 1st.  

Actually, Tyndall had a doctor's appointment on the 1st and got some shots, so he wasn't his usual happy self most of that day.  So, we did some of these pictures on March 2nd.  

This is a newborn size outfit, which he wears exclusively now. He's also moved up to Newborn-sized diapers.    

Two Month Stats:
Weight: 8 pounds, exactly
Length: 19.75 inches
Head Circumference: 14 inches

He's actually almost on the charts of full-term babies, so he continues to grow really well.  (The paper they gave us at his appointment says he's -5% on everything, so it will be interesting to see if he is on the charts next month.)  We are all very happy about his growth and health, and his doctor continues to be impressed.  

At two months, he's a very sweet, happy baby.  He still loves to cuddle but will also make it known when he's ready to have some time to himself, aka 'swing time'.  He locks onto things with his eyes very quickly and consistently now.  He has been smiling interactively for about a week, and those smiles melt this mom's heart.  They are truly priceless, especially the 'big' smiles.  Sometimes, he 'talks' back to us with a 'coo' or a 'goo', and that is really fun too!  

He's still a really good eater!  He eats between 3-4 ounces every 3-4 hours and is doing much better at burping.  At night, he sleeps a little longer, and you do not find us complaining about that one bit.  A few nights ago, he slept 6 hours, and 2 nights later, he slept 8 hours!  Whoo-hoo! 
Proof that he sometimes cries. :)

Some highlights of this month:
  •  2 baby showers
  • first walk outside with new stroller, Aunt Ginger, and the dogs
  • first bath not in the sink
  • nursery getting painted by a family friend so sleeping in the guest bed...
    or with Mommy & Daddy when we had guests
  • celebrated lots of family birthdays
  • Mommy lost her job so has been able to spend lots more time with Tyndall! (mixed blessing) 

Here is a video for you to see his interactions... I know I sound like a goober, but this is my life now.  I LOVE getting these smiles and noises, so I will sound like a dummy if I need to. :) 

Other things I really want to remember:
  • nicknames include: Doodle, Munchkin, Smunchkin, Baby Boy, Ty, T-man, my-T-man/mighty man 
  • his temper, or the way he acts when he's not happy about something... his whine/squeal/panting
  • the way he plays with his tongue :) 
  • his scratchy-voice cry at night 
  • the way Daddy says "what's the matter, baby boy?"
What a joy these two months have been!!  We love you, Tyndall James, and are so happy you are part of this family!

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  1. So cute! So glad I got to you this past weekend. Was great to be able to hold your tangible evidence of God's greatness.