Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Four Months Old

Tyndall James is 4 months old.  
So crazy to think that only 4 months ago, God brought this baby into the world,
and we had no idea how much more joyful and full our lives were about to become.
This has been a fun and very memorable month! 
-It was Tyndall's first Easter and also his first time gathering with our church family. 

 -Tyndall's adoption became finalized!

-Tyndall went to his first wedding.

...and we continued to enjoy everyday life with our precious son. 

Four Month Stats: 
Weight:  10 pounds, 13 ounces
Length:  22 3/4 inches
Head Circumference: 15 1/4 inches
He's still not on the official charts yet. 

This month, Tyndall started to love putting his hands in his mouth.
 -He still enjoys baths, and also showers now. 

 -He loves to 'fly' and does a good job at keeping his head level with the rest of his body,
even when being pulled up from laying down to sitting up. 

 He has also started noticing his toys more and reaching out to play with them and/or grab them.
 -He's still a great sleeper, for the most part and consistently sleeps 7-9 hours at night,
though we have a few nights where he eats every 4-5 hours.

 -LOVES to stand and talk/scream/squeal at whoever is holding him.

 -He plays with his tongue a lot and has a lot of mouth 'bubbles' as a result.

 -He is very smiley and has started laughing a lot more regularly. 
 -He likes to put things in his mouth. :)

  -He is starting to tolerate tummy time and can lift his head up pretty well
but can't lift up his chest yet. 

-Sweet, smiley boy... who has probably finally outgrown these 'jeans' that I love so much.

About three weeks ago, he changed to Size 1 diapers.
He still mostly wears newborn clothes, but he has recently upgraded to some 0-3 month sized clothes.

Memories from his Fourth Month:
  • trip to Charlestowne Landing with Aunt Steph, Hailey and Uncle Steven
  • first time hanging out alone with Uncle Steven and riding in his car
  • first belly laugh & laughing every now and then since
  • hanging out with some other baby girls close to the same age.
    flirting with them and learning from them. 
  • squeals of delight. so fun! 
  • first cold. :(  dr. said he was fighting it 'like a champ'.
  • and second cold. :( (which was much shorter)
  • has learned different volume levels and inflections and loves to talk
    (as you can see in this video, even though this is pretty tame for him. 
    he always gets shy when the camera comes out.)

We are so very much in love with this boy.
Each and every day, my heart overflows with thankfulness that God chose us to be his parents. 


  1. Oh my how time flies! He reminds me so much of Finn Miller in that picture of him sleeping. I <3 babies when they start getting their chubby cheeks. :-) Love the update!!!

  2. loved the video! it was fun to hear your voice, tricia!

  3. loved the video! it was fun to hear your voice, tricia!