Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Five Months Old!

Tyndall James is 5 months old!

Five Month Stats: 
Weight:  12 pounds even
Length:  23 1/2 inches

I definitely intend to do more blog updates than just T's monthly progress reports, but man, the days just fly by.  I will really try to do better, but at least I'm managing the monthly updates, right? :) 

So, this was a very full month.  All of a sudden Tyndall James has become very active, observant, and playful.  He's always been very alert, but he's reached a whole new level.  He just looks all around the room he's in, smiles at everyone, 'talks', and now he will entertain himself.  He's also not usually content to lay in someone's arms and be talked to anymore.  He likes to 'sit up' and be interactive. 

He likes touching his feet and reaching them into his mouth.  He continues to drool a lot and chew on his hands, but no signs of teeth.  Just lots of chewing and gnawing and drooling. :) 

He LOVES playing with toys.  The toys on his car seat. The toys we give him, the toys on his bouncy seat and exersaucer.)  They all go in his mouth if he can get them there, but he also enjoys playing with them too.

He has laughed a few times, but it's still not a regular thing yet.  He also still isn't rolling over, but I think he's getting close. He is really working with pulling his feet and legs up to his chest. :) It's so adorable.  

He has had a LOT of 'first' experiences this month.  (Let's see if I can remember everything). 
  • First Kid's Birthday Party (Hailey's 2nd at the Little Gym)
  • First golf cart ride with the Petersons
  • First day at the beach with Mommy & Daddy (was very windy and kinda chilly, but he did really well!)
  • First sporting event. Charleston RiverDogs Baseball game (and fireworks!)
  • First Zoo Trip (to the Greenville Zoo on Mother's Day)
  • First Aquarium trip (to the SC Aquarium the next Sunday afternoon with Daddy, Mommy, Uncle Steven, Uncle Mark, Aunt Stephani and Hailey)
  •   First time falling asleep while playing (vertically)

Other Special and Significant Happenings this Month:
  • Another Road Trip to BeBe's house to celebrate Mother's Day.
  • Met Uncle Charlie, Aunt Betsy, and Nonnie (Mother's Day Lunch)
  • Final Home Study Visit 
  • Started playing in the exersaucer (feet don't reach the ground, but he still likes it)
  • Road trip to Goldsboro to meet lots of Tyndall family (Met Great-Grandma Tyndall, Uncle Kenny and Aunt Karen (who he shares a birthday with), Cousins Julianne, Matt, and Ethan (10 months old), Cousins Jeannene and Gus. Short trip but tons of fun meeting lots of special family! 
  • Spent the night at Clay & Gail's and slept in a Pack 'n Play for the first time
  • Found out your Baby Cousin Goldston is a GIRL
  • Outgrew the Snuggle Nest and started sleeping in the big crib
  • Started sleeping 10-12 hours at night and eating lots more during the day

We are so in love with this precious gift from the Lord!


  1. He met Aunt Ruth McHam also.

  2. Ok, the picture of him sleeping vertically with legs dangling is the cutest thing I have seen in weeks! I wish I could sleep so easily and in such unique positions. Love the update!

  3. I love his giraffe blanket! He's such a cutie!