Sunday, June 30, 2013

Six Months Old!

 Tyndall James is 6 Months Old!

Six Month Stats:Weight: 13 pounds, 9 ounces
Length: 24 1/2 inches
Head Circumference: 16 inches
STILL not on the charts, but growing well and on-track based on where he started. :) 

This month has been my favorite yet... by far!  Each has been special, of course, but all of a sudden this little baby is becoming a little boy filled with personality.  I LOVE being his Momma!  

Tyndall still LOVES his feet... and having them in his mouth.  He was doing this a little last month, but now it's all the time.  Still likes chewing on pretty much anything else as well. The doctor said it looks like his bottom teeth will break through any day now.  

A new addition is how much he loves toys.  He likes teething rings, rattles, stuffed animals, and basically anything else we will let him play with (cups, bowls, spoons, etc.)  He is pretty coordinated and can pass toys between his hands.  He can also rake things in and grab them.  
His Current Favorite Toy (Thanks, BeBe!)
Rolling over has become a regular thing... both from tummy to back and back to tummy.  Back to tummy has just happened in the last week or so.  He will get on a roll (pun intended) and move around quite a bit.  It's an adventure to see what position he'll be in when we wake up in the morning... it's hardly ever the same and definitely not how we left him the night before. Matt and I both like watching the monitor more and sneaking in his room for nighttime peeks. 
He started eating rice cereal right at 5 months old.  After a couple months of rice cereal, we added in vegetables in Stage 1 jar food.  First he had green beans, then peas, then carrots.  We wait a couple days between introducing new foods, but so far, he has done great with everything.  His least favorite seems to be peas, and he likes oatmeal cereal much better than rice cereal.  He has also had a tiny bit of sweet potatoes from a church potluck on Father's Day. 

Feeding him is hilarious.  He is a very ferocious eater sometimes and likes to 'help' with the spoon.  It is soooooo messy.  I'm still learning to be okay with this.  Bottle feedings are also a lot more adventurous.  Gone are the days when he would quietly sit while eating.  Now, he 'helps' hold his bottle and also tries to suck his thumb while eating from the bottle.  It doesn't work, but he tries. Every time.  
Sucking his thumb while eating his bottle.
He is so playful lately!  He loves to grab our faces and 'talk' to us and people he knows (like Papa and other family members he sees a lot).  He also likes to play with the dogs now and has even grabbed their faces a couple of times.  
Playing with Papa's face
The laugh is finally an everyday, regular occurrence.  The belly laugh is my favorite sound in the world, and I especially love hearing him playing and laughing with his Daddy.  But I confess I will do just about anything to get some giggles myself.  This boy is so silly.  He has started to like more 'rough' play like being tickled and 'dropped' and bounced.  It's so much fun!!!  

He has moved into Stage 2 diapers but continues to wear mostly size 0-3 month clothes. Just last week, he still wore a couple of newborn outfits, but I think I'm finally going to put all those away.  He's getting too long for them.  

He STILL really likes to stand up.  We try to get him to sit, but his balance is much better standing.  We need to work more on the sitting, so hopefully next month I'll have a good update about that.  I mean, look at this pick of him standing while playing with a toy.  We hardly even have to hold him.  And sometimes we let him stand by himself if he is holding onto the crib rail or something like that.  

Other Highlights and "Firsts" from this Month:
  •  1st overnight with Momma away. Daddy did a great job taking care of him! 
  • First Funeral
  • First Father's Day
  • Visited Uncle Steven at work
  • Trip to Beaufort with BeBe (visited Great Aunt Mary Frances in the hospital and did some shopping.) 
    •  First time sitting up in shopping cart basket (probably a little premature).
      • Ryan and Kellie Cantrell Wedding 

        • Started sleeping 12+ hours almost every night.
        • Going to work at Friendship Baptist with Mommy
        • Playing/splashing in the bathtub
        • TV News Interview

Honestly, this little baby is the sweetest, most fun, joyful little boy!  We are so, so blessed and thankful that God chose us to be his family.  

Happy 6 months, Tyndall James.  We love you so much!  

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Tyndall on TV

An interesting thing happened today.  A news reporter contacted me and said she found our family blog and would love to interview us about adoption.  A local family has recently been in national news about their adoption journey, so the reporter wanted to get another adoptive family's take.  I thought it was pretty cool (and would make a fun blog entry!), so at 12:30, plans were made for the crew to come to our house at 1:30. {Read--only an hour to get the house and myself and Tyndall presentable for tv.}

Matt was at work, so I called him to give him a heads-up, but they were busy at work, and my phone didn't ring when he called me back.  So... sweet husband arrived home for lunch just as the tv crew was getting to the house as well.  He had NO IDEA why a news crew was at our house.  The look on his face was priceless!  He was such a good sport. 

They were here for about an hour and asked us about our adoption, our blog, and our thoughts on the "Save Veronica" movement.  I tried not to get too political with my answers related to the case, because the truth is, it's a very complicated case.  But ultimately, I do believe {from everything I've read}, that the birth father signed away his rights and had nothing to do with the birth mother or pregnancy, so the adoption was legitimate.  I believe Veronica was very loved and cared for for the first 2 years of her life with her adoptive family, and I think it's wonderful they and birth mother seem to have such a great relationship.  I do hope Veronica will end up reunited with her adoptive family but also have some kind of relationship with each of her birth parents... BUT... I will admit that I do not know the whole story surrounding the custody battle and probably never will. I have read details of the case here, though, and would encourage those interested to do so as well.  I'm certainly glad I wasn't sharing my opinion as an expert, only as another adoptive family who is excited that the ruling of the SCOTUS upheld adoptive law.

They ended up using more of our interview than I thought they would, but they used less of the 'b roll' stuff I thought they would use.  They had taken some shots of Tyndall 'standing' in his crib with his name mural in the background which I thought would have looked cool. I'm thankful they left the part in there about God having His hand in the details of adoption.  

Our blog even got some air-time... so cool!

I enjoyed working with Ava and John, the crew from ABC News 4.  And I thought Tyndall looked pretty awesome on TV. :)   
You can view the whole 2:22 here.  And I'd be interested in hearing your thoughts on the case if you've been following it. 
P.S.  Fellow blog friends, you never know when your blog will get you a tv interview, so keep it updated! ;)
P.S.S.  You never know when a tv crew is going to come to your house for a news interview, so keep your house clean. ;) 

Saturday, June 15, 2013

Rolling Over

A couple months ago, Tyndall had a fluke moment where he rolled over on my Mom's bed.  I realized it was a fluke when it didn't happen again for a looooooong time. Plus, Valerie told me the bed was kinda slanted when it happened.  

BUT, it has actually happened now. Several times.  In typical Tyndall fashion, it's not an everyday thing but it has happened enough now that I'm going to say that he can do it. :) Right at 5 months old. 

These videos are from June 3rd.  Rolling from tummy to back (when he's mad enough) to the left and to the right.


Rice Cereal

5 months + 1 day old... first bit of rice cereal
He wasn't too interested, so most of it went into the bottle.
Day 2 of Rice Cereal: Ate much more and better 'technique'. 
Mom tries to prevent the mess by using a bib that is bigger than baby.
somewhat successful in preventing a mess. Just a messy face.

A couple weeks in to eating Rice Cereal:  He gets very excited and throws his hands around, resulting in cereal everywhere.

Bibs do no good. We strip down to diaper then go straight for a bath. 

I like the way this feels on my feet. And in my hands.
What IS this stuff? 
One day it's yummy to eat, and the next day it's fun to play with and throw around.

Observations of 2 weeks with Rice Cereal: 
  • it's messy. 
  • baby + rice cereal = more baths
  • I am eating all my promises to myself that my baby will not be gross while eating (pun intended)
  • one time after feeding him, I may or may not have held him out for the dogs to lick clean. 
    Zoe may or may not have liked it more than Nala.
  • It's best when there are 2 people. One can hold the hands down and the other can feed the baby. 
  •  When there is leftover cereal, it gets added to the bottle for the next feeding.
  • He has become more 'regular' (read: once a day) with his dirty diapers since adding in rice cereal.
  • we need more bibs. 
I had a video, but it won't work.  Will put it on Facebook.

Next on the menu: vegetables!