Saturday, June 15, 2013

Rice Cereal

5 months + 1 day old... first bit of rice cereal
He wasn't too interested, so most of it went into the bottle.
Day 2 of Rice Cereal: Ate much more and better 'technique'. 
Mom tries to prevent the mess by using a bib that is bigger than baby.
somewhat successful in preventing a mess. Just a messy face.

A couple weeks in to eating Rice Cereal:  He gets very excited and throws his hands around, resulting in cereal everywhere.

Bibs do no good. We strip down to diaper then go straight for a bath. 

I like the way this feels on my feet. And in my hands.
What IS this stuff? 
One day it's yummy to eat, and the next day it's fun to play with and throw around.

Observations of 2 weeks with Rice Cereal: 
  • it's messy. 
  • baby + rice cereal = more baths
  • I am eating all my promises to myself that my baby will not be gross while eating (pun intended)
  • one time after feeding him, I may or may not have held him out for the dogs to lick clean. 
    Zoe may or may not have liked it more than Nala.
  • It's best when there are 2 people. One can hold the hands down and the other can feed the baby. 
  •  When there is leftover cereal, it gets added to the bottle for the next feeding.
  • He has become more 'regular' (read: once a day) with his dirty diapers since adding in rice cereal.
  • we need more bibs. 
I had a video, but it won't work.  Will put it on Facebook.

Next on the menu: vegetables!


  1. this is soooo cute! have you tried anything else besides rice cereal? We are going to start Gillian on rice cereal in a few weeks once she is 6 months. I am not quite sure what to expect and I am a little bit dreading it. Breastfeeding is so convenient (and so sweet) that I don't really WANT to introduce solids, but i know that it is best for Gillie-bean in the long run. I am glad to see Tyndall in the bumbo - i thought that i would have to buy a high chair by then, but the bumbo is a great idea!