Friday, October 11, 2013

Tyndall James is 9 Months Old!

Tyndall James is 9 Months Old!
Nine Month Stats:
Weight: 15 pounds, 4 ounces
Length: 26 3/4 inches
Head Circumference: 16 3/4 inches
Still growing well and actually 'on the charts' for height... 10th percentile. 

Okay, so I have been totally slack with this blog, but I figure 9 months is a pretty major milestone.  So, I'm going to give a quick overview of Tyndall's last 3 months. 

The last 3 months have been filled with adventure, personality, and character!  Tyndall is fearless (which at times has been scary for this Momma), but I LOVE his adventurous spirit.  He loves exploring and learning new things, and I feel like he changes everyday lately.  I'm so very thankful I get to be with him most of the time to be the one who gets to experience the 'firsts' and the everyday life with this precious little boy.  

Since my last post, Tyndall has become MOBILE!  As of the end of July (around 7 months), he was flipping and rolling and starting to make diaper changes a lot more interesting. 
Not long after, he started scooting and had moved on to army crawling then full-on crawling by the beginning of September (around 8 months).  On the very same day that he began army crawling, he sat up by himself for longer than a few seconds.  Still had a few falls, but he pretty much got the hang of sitting up and crawling on the same day.  A few weeks ago, he mastered the transition of sitting to crawling to sitting again.  At 9 months, he's a power-crawler and even pulls up on things now to a full stand.  Life is definitely more active these days.  
Another big area things have changed is with his eating.  He still eats some oatmeal cereal and jar food but has also graduated to Cheerios and Puffs.  He REALLY likes being able to feed himself, and Zoe likes to reap the rewards of all that he drops. I feel like he's such a big boy now that he can feed himself.  We've even let him have a few tries of 'table food' like sweet potato fries, beans, fruit and other soft, small things.  He's done well with everything so far.  But we have officially changed from the Bumbo, then Bumbo with tray to now full high-chair. 

On a related note, he had his first trip to the ER when he fell from the Bumbo that was on top of the kitchen table, onto the tile floor. Thankfully, he was fine... just gave us first-time parents an adrenaline rush.  And then we changed him to the highchair. With straps. 
He still loves toys.  He likes passing them from hand to hand.  Putting things down. Picking them up.  Hiding them then finding them.  Making them make noise.  Squealing in delight with them.  He still loves mirrors.  He has really loved his jump-a-roo most of the last few months, though we've recently packed it up because he started not liking it.  Maybe overuse? :)  He really did like it A LOT!

He also looooooooooves baths (which is a good thing because he gets very messy with the different kinds of food and the crawling).  He seriously would probably stay in the tub all day if we let him.  Around 8 months, he transitioned to just the full bathtub after he kept trying to crawl out of the baby tub.  He does a good job with his balance and playing with his bath toys. 

Sadly, Nala passed away unexpectedly in August.  (More on that in another post.) So, Tyndall has Zoe as his exclusive partner in crime.  It's been really sweet to watch them with each other, and I've been happy with how Zoe is with him.  Though I know she appreciates that we only let him 'play' with her in small chunks of time.  
He is such a joyful, happy baby most of the time.  His laugh is contagious!  Though teething definitely gives us some change from that sweet, joyful baby.  Teething is not fun, but I think he's been pretty mild overall.  Not sure what to attribute that to, but he does wear an amber necklace, and we use the Hylands teething tablets and cold teething rings.  He does sometimes run a slight temp and get fussy, cranky and sometimes more snuggly than usual.  But he has 2 teeth to show for it now, and more on the way!

He has mainly been in Stage 2 diapers but has moved up to size 3-6 month clothes.  Some of this pants and sleepers are actually 6-9 month size because of his length. But if they are footless, he's still good with 3-6 month stuff.  

In other big news, Tyndall actually has 2 little girl cousins now, both born in September. 
Sadie Rose Goldston was born on 9/9/2013 at 12:25pm.  5 pounds, 10 ounces.
Kayten "Kayte" Deborah Peterson was born on 9/18/2013 at 4:36pm. 7 pounds, 7 ounces. 
 Tyndall loves being the big cousin.
Tyndall meeting Sadie.

Tyndall meeting Kayte.

Other Highlights and "Firsts":
  •  1st weekend trip with Mommy to Saluda for Coon Dog Day!
    (Uncle Zeb and Aunt Valerie babysat one full day while Mommy was working)
  • First Time Swimming in the Pool 
  • First Boo-Boo (hit himself with a toy on 4th of July, and it left a mark)
  • Survived almost a week with Mommy away on a trip.
    (Daddy took great care of him and had lots of great helpers! But Mommy was VERY happy to come home!)
  •   Baby showers for Aunt Valerie and Aunt Stephani
  • Visits with family and friends
  • Learning to crawl and sit up and pull up

  •  Learning through PLAY 
  • Looking at Books
  • Making lots of new sounds... definite Consonants.
  •  Another Saluda trip with Mommy and Aunt Ginger. Went to Pearson's Falls. 
  •  Loves to be under things. Will probably do a whole post about this.
  • Likes to stick his tongue out. 
  • Blows raspberries. 
  • Outgrowing his infant car seat. 
I'm sure I missed a TON of stuff, but this is at least a picture of his months 7-9.  And I'm going to try to do better.  Though the monthly photo shoots have taken a different spin.  It's kinda hard to keep this guy still and in one place for the giraffe rug comparison pictures.  I will leave you with this... until next time. :) 

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  1. This made my morning! I cannot believe how big he has gotten. And mobile...oh Tricia, you've got your work cut out for you. Enjoy! Miss seeing you!