Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Settling In

Have we really been here almost a month?!  Wow! It's cliche but true: some days it feels like forever and others feels like we just arrived.  

Here are some of the bullet points from getting settled in:
  • We arrived really late and were missing a bag.  Took awhile to get that figured out, especially in another language. We are truly so fortunate that English is so universal. 
  • We met up with another new teacher in the airport who I had 'met' on Facebook prior to arriving.  That made it a little more fun waiting for the school van and getting together with the other couple who flew in that night. 
  • We got to the school (our new home) really late on Saturday night, and we spent a few hours getting acquainted with our new place.  
  • Jet lag was rough the first few days.
    • Our townhouse is on campus, fairly close to the gate. Above an office, beside the textbook storage room, you take a few steps up to our door. Up that first flight of stairs, you find our living room, bathroom and kitchen.  It was recently remodeled and looks great!  
    • Up another flight of stairs is the 2 bedrooms.  Tyndall's room has a twin bed and a wardrobe and dresser.  Our room has a king bed with 2 wardrobes, a dresser, and a desk.  
    • 3 rooms in our house have 'air-cons' which help cool the rooms down.  We are not supposed to leave them on when we are out of the room.  The 3rd floor rooms get especially hot, but we have learned to turn on the air-cons awhile before we go up for the evening. 
Went to Big C first thing when we woke on up Sunday for 'essentials'.
  • A couple weeks into being here, we learned that we are not supposed to be flushing our tp.  That has been an adjustment. 
  • The campus has changed so much and is much nicer!  
  • As we expected, we LOVE having playgrounds so close.  And having other families around who are in the same boat.  

  • We have spent a lot of time with 'familiar' faces from our first time here and also getting to know others.
  • The town is changing a lot.  Growing UP (there are skyscrapers we can see from our house!) and out. Several teachers live off campus now which is different than before.  Apparently the BTS (sky train) is being built really close to here now.  
  • Big C is still the go-to store, which is a short tuk-tuk ride away.  The most immediate area hasn't changed much at all... the main difference is in the people.  I noticed today most of the workers in the street shops were looking on their smart phones... such a paradox.  Live chickens and fresh eggs and no advanced sewer system... but smartphones.  
  • I think the biggest, noticeable change for me has been the community of the school.  I'm sure most of that is because we are mow and old, married couple with kids.  But the general campus makeup is now families.  There are almost more kids than adult who make up the 'farang' (foreign) community.  Very, very different from 2008-2009 where most teachers were fresh out of college. 
  • Jet lag had Tyndall up before 6am most mornings the first week. 
    Lots of snuggling in bed and watching shows on the iPad.
  • I LOVE watching Tyndall embracing life here.  He's fearless.  No surprise there.  

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