Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Tyndall Adjusting to Nursery

(Originally written in Spetember)
The first week, Matt and I had trainings and orientations during the day.  As a part-time teacher, I didn't have to go to all of them but most.  Our friend Ro watched Tyndall a lot of the time the first couple days, but one of the days she wasn't able to.  So, I took him to the Thai nursery for the first time. 

That was hard for my Momma heart... It was just for an hour, but I knew it would all be in Thai.  He was in a new country--lots of new surroundings, new language and new people. He did well the first time since it was just for about an hour.  The next day was a couple hours and the next day was a few hours more.  

The next week, we started easing into our work schedules.  I work full school days on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.  Those were long days for him.   He started crying when we dropped him off which was brutal. And I would get reports throughout the day that he was crying a lot. We were really struggling with whether or not Nursery was the best situation for him.  It didn't help that none of the other teachers' kids were in school that week.  

Once school started, it got a little bit better where he wasn't crying as much through the day.  He also got on the schedule with the other nursery kids where he was taking naps with them too... that has made a world of difference! It also helped that the Nursery class changed to a new classroom... a bigger, brighter classroom that is not within eyesight of Matt's class building.  (Tyndall used to stand at the nursery door and get upset when he saw Matt go in or out of his classroom.)
in his school uniform
Now that we are about 10 days into school, it is going really well.  Tyndall didn't even cry when I dropped him off this morning.  He is absolutely adorable in his nursery uniform.  And I love that he is learning Thai AND Chinese and is in a fun, structured, loving environment.  It also helps that he's super close. He's making friends and even talks about his teachers and nursery friends when he's not there.  So thankful we decided to stick it out.  

with Kru Nok on a Thai-style Friday

Update: We are 3 months in, and the child LOVES Nursery!  He talks about it all the time when he's not there.  He talks about his friends. He sings songs from 'school' and busts out with Thai words randomly at home.  

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