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Tyndall James is 4 Years Old!

Tyndall James is 4 Years Old! 

Nicknames:  T, T-man, T-baby,  Bubba, "Su-Tin", Ty, "Kendo", "Tindon"

Swinging with Eddie at school
Favorite things to do:  play with Friends, play outside, watch shows, go on adventures, dress as a superhero, take "baths", play on mommy's phone, dig for bugs, "help" in the kitchen, play in mommy's classroom, try to catch animals, ride his tricycle, go to play places like Kidzooona
Finding worms with Mommy

Favorite books:  Go, Dogs, Go!, Miss Nelson is Back, Bernstein Bears & the Spooky Old Tree, "How Do Dinosaurs...", Goose Goofs Off, Where's the Dragon, Dinosaur Police, other dinosaur books, the UsBorne "Shine-a-Light" books that we have, and many, many more!

Favorite toys:  CinnaBear! (might even be his best friend), dress up clothes, any containers to collect bugs and flowers and leaves, other stuffed animals, matching game, Go Ape game, cars, Play Doh, train set, play kitchen, dinosaurs, the rocket tent he got for Christmas

Favorite TV Shows/Movies:  Bo on the Go, Paw Patrol (lately he's saying it's boring), Peppa Pig, Home Alone movies, Lion King movies, Aladdin, Frozen, Despicable Me 1 & 2, Jake & the Neverland Pirates, Mickey Mouse Clubhouse,
Spongebob, Grinch

Loved the Easter Egg Hunt this year--especially the candy!
Favorite Foods:  He still eats a lot at school but not much at home. Rice, noodles, chicken, eggs, cheese, "chocolate milk" aka protein shake, lots of fruits (persimmon is a new favorite), veggies (likes raw peppers).  He also loves sweets.  Candy & cookies & crackers are often requested.  He will eat basically anything we put in front of him, but not much of it in one sitting. 
with Trevor and Landon at Finderland
Friends:  Boyda kids (Keaton, Landon, Trevor, Jillian), GES kids (Bauers, Andreassens, Wattanabanjongkuls, McLatchers, Brights, Gurnetts, and anyone else on the playground). P'Nui, Mr. George, Binda, Jishah & Johnny, K1B friends: Eddie & Ellie, Yuki, Sa, Shita, In-In.  His cousins in America. He makes friends very easily.
With Sadie and Kayte this summer in America
Favorite Sayings:  Can I touch it?  (in reference to any animal that he sees); I LOVE this or I HATE that; that's so pretty; that's BOOOTIFUL; body parts (ugh!); No; That's a Poooooooooor Choice; (lots of questions, conversations about death--probably due to the King of Thailand's recent passing); I DON'T WANNA...; Oh!  That's a good idea.; Right?
Got into Mommy's makeup
Things he doesn't like:  Loud, unexpected noises; anything that's not his idea; being touched by strangers (happens a lot in Asia to a blonde boy); being told he has to do something; hearing no.

Things that happened while he was 3:  Changed from Nursery class to K1B class (did better with more structure and more English); Mommy started working full-time, so T got an after-school nanny "P'Nui" who has become part of our family; First SongKran celebration; Had first visitors from America (Emmy and Sheila); Stephy & Bubba came to visit, and we explored SE Asia together (went to Cambodia & Malaysia); saw Angkor Wat and held & swam with sea turtles; spent the summer in America (lots of playdates, family time, pools with friends, and playing with dogs); back to GES and K1B for a full year; went on a beach trip with friends; first sleepover at Boydas'; performed in Christmas program without crying and running off stage; had a big birthday party with friends.
Holding a turtle hatchling before releasing it in Malaysia
Silly faces in his Thai outfit 
This past year definitely held less changes than his previous year but still some adjustments.  He is pretty resilient with all the new things with school and our home life.  For this first time in his life, mommy has a full-time job "away" from home, but he has handled it super well.  It probably helps that we see each other throughout the day and my classroom is only 143 steps from our house.  He knows where to find both mommy and daddy when he wants us.  But, he's usually pretty content to play after school with his friends on the playground or at home once he has checked in.  

Riding the golf cart in America this summer
He has been described this year as a "ring leader" and "life of the party".  He still gets lots of energy from being around people, but is becoming more self-aware about needing some down time too.  At his birthday party, he took some time away so he could "chill".  In our first parent-teacher conference with Mr. Jaspher, we learned a lot about how he has grown in the last year, but we also learned about how that day he had "led an uprising" at naptime.  So, we are aware of some ways to trust God with his strong personality! :) 
On a boat in Thailand with Uncle Steven and Aunt Stephy
Bedtime has become more structured and are some of my favorite times with him.  He thinks of amazing questions or lets us in on what's he's thinking about.  Of course, sometimes bedtime is a nightmare, too, and we wish we could understand what made it different.  He keeps us on our toes, for sure!  
He loves dress-up!
One other meaningful thing about this year is that his birthmother contacted us over the summer.  It was the first we had heard from her in over 3 years, and it has been wonderful to be back in touch with her.  We are enjoying getting to know more about her and her family and trust that Tyndall will treasure these contacts as he gets older when/if he wants to know her better.  
with Sadie and Sawyer on July 4th

He is kind.  He is loving.  He is fearless and brave.  Thais often describe him as naughty and busy.  We are thankful to the Lord that he is healthy and has gained a whole pound this year!  He keeps us laughing, busy, tired, but full of joy.  And we remain incredibly grateful to the Lord for creating and sustaining his life and choosing us to be his parents. 
Holding a python at GES Christmas program.  Zero fear. 

Happy 4th Birthday, Tyndall James!
Christmas Day 2016

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