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Tyndall James is 5 Years Old!

Tyndall James is 5 Years Old! 
 (and he has been for almost 2 months) 
5th Birthday! 
(Christmas Day 2017)

Nicknames:  T, T-man, Bubba, "Su-Tin", Ty, "Kendo", "Tindon"

At Asiatique in July
Favorite things to do:  play with Friends, play games, play outside, play family, take pictures and videos, watch shows, go on adventures, dress as a superhero, take "baths", play on mommy's phone, go to soccer, "help" in the kitchen,  try to catch animals, ride his tricycle, go to play places or the park

Favorite books:  Jesus Storybook Bible; Monkey, Monkey, Monkey; Little Leopard on the Move; How Do Dinosaurs...;

Favorite toys:  regular household items he can build things with, games, CinnaBear, FroggyBaby, dress up clothes, any containers to collect bugs and flowers and leaves, other stuffed animals, cars, Play Doh, train set, dinosaurs, rice boxes on the back porch

Favorite TV Shows/Movies:  Animal Mechanicals, Wild Kratts, Puffin Rock, Dinosaur Train, CareBears, Trolls, Moana, Home Alone movies
, videos of himself on my phone

Favorite Foods:  He still eats a lot at school and more lately at home. Loves pancakes, smoothies.  Cinamon rolls from Starbucks, Rice, noodles, chicken, eggs, cheese, lots of fruits & veggies (loves cucumbers).  He also loves sweets.  Candy, cookies, popsicles, ice cream, and crackers are often requested.  He will eat basically anything we put in front of him, but not much of it in one sitting.   
Making Buffalo Chicken Dip with LaLa

Friends:  Boyda kids (Keaton, Landon, Trevor, Jillian), GES kids (Bauers, Andreassens, Wattanabanjongkuls, Brights, Gurnetts, and anyone else on the playground). K2B friends: Blink, Nano, Alisia.  His cousins in America. He makes friends very easily.
With Boydas on Christmas Day

With great-grandparents and Hailey & Kayte in July
With BeBe and Sadie & Sawyer in July
 Favorite Sayings:  Is it _____ day? (school, , play or church);
Let's ______ (play, go outside, go!)
Can I touch it?  (in reference to any animal that he sees); 

Easter 2017
Things he doesn't like:  Loud, unexpected noises; anything that's not his idea; being touched by strangers (happens a lot in Asia to a blonde boy); being told he has to do something; hearing no.
Flying from Chiang Mai to Krabi in April

Things that happened while he was 3:  Rode a horse for the first time, BeBe & LaLa visited us in Thailand, tried doing gymnastics at a gym, took another big trip to America, started K2, found out about and met Hudson, LaLa visited for a month in December, had play dates at Thai friends' houses, mastered the monkey bars, became a big brother!

October 25, 2017, the day he met Hudson

Four was a fun year with Tyndall.  He started becoming more obedient, and we all found more rhythm and routine for our family.  With Tyndall being older, it's a fun stage of being able to have conversations.  We love seeing how his mind works!  We are proud of the character that Tyndall is developing.  One of my highlights as his mom this year is seeing how he befriended and became the designated helper for a boy in his class. He also enjoys school a lot this year and is surprising me with how much he is learning!

The biggest change for T this year was becoming a big brother!  We found out about Hudson in October, so he became part of our regular conversations then.  Even the first night of learning about Hudson, Tyndall showed that he was going to be an awesome big brother!  And he certainly is.  

With all the discussions and questions about Adoption around Hudson's homecoming, it has provided many opportunities for Tyndall to process his own adoption.  He has had some great questions for us and interesting discussions with students who have asked him questions.  We are so thankful he is curious about this part of his story in this season. 

He is FLL OF LIFE!  He is kind and helpful.  He is loving.  He is fearless and brave.  Thais still often describe him as active and busy.  We are thankful to the Lord that he is healthy and has grown a few centimeters this year!  He keeps us laughing, busy, tired, but full of joy.  And we remain incredibly grateful to the Lord for creating and sustaining his life and choosing us to be his family. 

Swinging with Sadie in Saluda.  July 2017.

Happy 5th Birthday, Tyndall James!

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