Special Thanks

What an incredible journey this is!  This would be so much harder without the tremendous amount of love, encouragement, and support we get from all of our family and friends.  

Thank YOU to EACH person who has walked with us through this journey.  Whether you donated stuff for a yard sale, shopped at a yard sale or other fundraiser, gave us an encouraging word, mailed us a check, donated online, donated a Giveaway, or even participated in one of our Facebook events, WE THANK YOU!  And for those who continue to support our adoption through shopping on Amazon or making donations or any other ways, WE THANK YOU!  Honestly, your support means more than you know.

Early on in this process, we chose not to do Thank You notes because we wanted every penny possible to go toward the Adoption.  We have regretted that decision and started doing Thank You notes recently.  For those we missed early on, please forgive us.  But know that your gift is treasured and truly appreciated.

Special thanks to the following people and businesses: 
Lindsay Welch with Premier Designs, Inc.
 Please support their businesses as they have supported us tremendously.

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  1. I had no idea all this was going on with the adoption. Please welcome and kiss Tyndall James for me. You are special.